Elden Ring: Where to Get the Winged Scythe

A great early weapon for Faith builds.

by Noah Nelson


The Winged Scythe is a great weapon that you can get early in Elden Ring. No matter what kind of build you have, The Winged Scythe is a formidable weapon that’s incredibly useful. Especially if you are a Faith build, here is how to get The Winged Scythe in Elden Ring.

How to Get The Winged Scythe in Elden Ring

As previously stated, the great thing about The Winged Scythe is that you can get it early on in the game. Most other weapons, while increasingly powerful, are only accessible further on in the game. Getting The Winged Scythe isn’t too difficult either. Without further adieu, here is how and where to get The Winged Scythe in Elden Ring.

Start at the Church of Pilgrimage Site of Grace. If you haven’t unlocked this Site of Grace, it is located on the northern peak of the Weeping Peninsula. From there, head southwest towards the Tombsward Ruins. This is the first significant area you’ll come across as you travel southwest along the coast, so you won’t get lost.

Once you are at the Tomsward Ruins, enter the catacombs below and fight off the low-level enemies. It is dark down there, so you may want to take a torch or a lantern. Once the area is clear, loot the treasure chest in the backroom to find The Winged Scythe.

What Does The Winged Scythe Do?

The Winged Scythe is an effective weapon for Faith builds because it requires 16 Strength, 16 Dexterity, and 24 Faith in order to use it. The weapon is the only weapon in the game that has the Angel’s Wings ability. The ability costs 17 FP to cast and delivers a jumping slash at your enemies that will impede recovery actions using a flask of tears.

Beyond the unique ability inherent to The Winged Scythe, the weapon itself is powerful. The weapon has 87 Physical attack power, 104 Holy attack power, and 100 Critical attack power. It weighs only 7.5 and works as a pretty effective guard, negating 25 to 55 damage across the board. The Winged Scythe is a great early game weapon that you won’t want to miss.

And that is everything you need to know about The Winged Scythe in Elden Ring. We cover everything under the sun when it comes to Elden Ring, so be sure to check out our Elden Ring guides for more.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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