Endless Dungeon: All Enemy Types and Weaknesses

The enemy variety adds depth to each run and forces tactical thinking

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are many different enemy units in Endless Dungeon, each with its own type, weakness, and resistance. While placing turrets and exploring the station adds fun to the game, it could become monotonous without any depth.

Luckily, there is quite a lot of depth in the game thanks to enemy types, different turrets, and more. Understanding the various monsters you’ll encounter across the station’s Districts is crucial to reaching the final floor.

Monster Types, Weaknesses, and Resistances in Endless Dungeon

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
Enemy TypeWeaknessResistance

Bugs can be bothersome, but they’re typically not the most challenging adversaries. Be careful when facing the flying Nasquitos and the Webhunter, though. The Webhunter is a spider-like creature that can immobilize you with its web, preventing you from firing. Both these bugs have a weakness to Fire and resistance to Acid damage.

The Bots in Endless Dungeon range from Postaldrones to formidable Praetorians. In my experience, bots tend to pose a greater threat than bugs. R3X is a fast-moving unit, Postaldrones fly and have guns, Razers can withstand lots of damage, and Praetorians are terrifying up close. All bots are resistant to Light but Weak to Electricity.

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The Blobs are tenacious adversaries with an aversion to acid and resilience to electricity. Overcoming these gelatinous foes requires precise tactics. Bonefaced adversaries are incredibly annoying since you can barely damage them unless you hit them from behind. Also, be careful when facing the enormous chuckleheads. They can take a beating and move somewhat quickly for their size.

You also have the enigmatic Blurs. They are vulnerable to light but resilient to Fire. Overcoming them requires careful planning since light-based turrets and weapons seem harder to find.

Endless Dungeon isn’t just about enemy diversity; it’s an immersive experience crafted from various elements. Every aspect contributes to its unpredictability, from each District’s architecture to randomized rewards. Hope for favorable RNG outcomes, master your positioning, make the most of your resources, and keep pushing forward. The next District will always be more challenging, but you can endlessly try again if you fail, and next time, you will probably have better gear and better upgrades.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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