ESO Stonefalls Treasure Map 1 Location

Are you wondering where the Stonefalls Treasure 1 is hidden in Elder Scrolls Online?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Elder Scrolls Online has a vast array of treasure maps and some of them are much more difficult to find than others: one of these is the first Stonefalls treasure map. Thankfully, if you have a solid idea of the general area where this treasure is found, then you will be sorted. This article will take you through where to find the “Stonefalls Treasure Map 1” in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Stonefalls Treasure Map One Location in ESO

In order to find the “Stonefalls Treasure Map 1” treasure (after you have the map) you will first want to travel to the Othreni Wayshrine in the southeast of Stonefalls. When you have arrived, head to the East (go to the right) and make your way into the nearby rocky ridged valleys. You will find a steeper valley to go up and nestled amongst the side of the wall will be the treasure.

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There is an image below for you with a circle indicating the treasure’s location on the map. I also recommend summoning your horse and riding to the location so you don’t get involved with attacking a ton of enemies on the way.

ESO Stonefalls 1 Treasure Location

  • Elder-Scrolls-Online-Stonefalls-Treasure-Map-1-on-Map
  • Elder-Scrolls-Online-Stonefalls-Treasure-Map-1-on-Ground

When you have reached the treasure spot, you will notice a dirt mound sticking out of the ground beside a nearby tree. An X is marked above with where this dirt will be if you are still to obtain the “Stonefalls 1 treasure” in the area. Go up to the dirt and interact with it to dig up the treasure — you will receive random loot from the chest.

The reason why you likely struggled to find this treasure is because the map image is completely different from the location. The map indicates that a bridge is visible whereas the actual treasure is behind a rock wall hiding the specified bridge from view.

How to Get Treasure Maps in ESO

Treasure maps are dropped as random loot drops from searching enemies and other loot containers. I have found it is best to just progress with the game as normal and eventually, you will gather up plenty of treasure maps to utilize. However, if you are wanting a certain map much faster, trading with another player for it is always an option. You can chat with others to find out if they have the map you’re looking for.

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Now that you know where the “Stonefalls 1” treasure is actually found, you will be highly prepared for traveling to the area when you have the map!

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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