Best Classes in ESO, Ranked

Needing a ranking for the best ESO Classes?

by Gordon Bicker


The Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of various quests to complete and an abundance of features throughout the lands to enjoy. Of course, when you are starting up the experience for the first time you may be wondering what class to select for your character before starting the game fully. There are six main classes within the game, although two of them are DLC related. This guide article will take you through all of the classes and rank them in terms of what one will provide the best overall experience. If you are wanting to know what the best classes are in The Elder Scrolls Online then keep on reading.

Best Classes In The Elder Scrolls Online

In order to allow you to quickly find out the best classes without having to read through a lot of information, below from the 1st being top to the 6th being bottom is the best classes in ESO based on personal opinions and general player thoughts. There is a lot of variation between classes, however, so someone’s idea of a perfect class will be different from someone else’s who has a different playstyle. It is important to keep that in mind.

  • Nightblade
  • Necromancer
  • Dragonknight
  • Templar
  • Sorcerer
  • Warden

If you are wanting further information about each of the class and their benefits, then the section below will be sure to provide all of that information for you.

1. Nightblade

The Nightbade is known to be one of the most powerful classes within The Elder Scrolls Online and that is true for both PVP and PVE which certainly will be incredible to hear for many. If you essentially want to be an assassin then this is the class for you. The shadows will become one of your greatest allies with this class and you will even be able to siphon life forces from your foes in the game.

2. Necromancer

As for the Necromancer, you will no doubt be wanting to know if you can raise foes from the dead and you certainly will be making use of your powers as a necromancer. In order to be a Necromancer within the game you will either need to have the Elsweyr chapter or you can simply buy the class from the crown store instead. There are a lot of excellent abilities on offer and it again will offer your character a lot in terms of power and versatility.

3. Dragonknight

The Dragonknight is one of the most used classes within the experience, since it was part of the original classes there has always been a focus on it. This class will be a tank’s dream and offers plenty of offensive and also defensive abilities. If you are planning to be the party/team leader for dungeons and trials often then this class may be the one that you want to focus on leveling.

4. Templar

As for the Templar, if healing is your forte then look no further than the Templar class. It is a class that can still deal impressive amounts of damage but of course, has more of a focus on healing and especially allows you to work with your team effectively to heal others and yourself of course if you need to. A perfect compliment to any party in various dungeons and trials.

5. Sorcerer

The Sorcerer class will allow lovers of magic and destruction spells to make their presence known across the land. They are great for DPS (damage per second) in both PVE and PVP. Their abilities are varied enough that they can effectively take on multiple roles at once whether that be simply focusing on damage or tanking for example. Some people will prefer to utilize some of the aforementioned classes but if this playstyle is your type then it will be an excellent experience for you.

6. Warden

Finally, the Warden will be using their love of nature to truly turn the tide of battles with the vast range of abilities they have. This class can take some learning to get used to in terms of creating the best strategies but it is still a wonderful class to get the chance of playing as. This particular class you will have to unlock by having The Morrowind chapter, or through purchase in the crown store. Nonetheless, getting this class is still absolutely worth it.

As noted before, many people will have different opinions on what makes the best class and it is generally all down to personal preference on playstyles. There are a lot of classes for you to learn about and level up in no time with them!

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now and can be played on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac, and PC.

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