Everspace 2 Ships – What’s Available in Early Access

There are a handful of variants on offer now, with more to come in the future.

by Brandon Adams
Everspace 2 Ships - What's Available in Early Access

Everspace 2 is an open-world space RPG, and the ships available in Early Access will shape your playstyle. Do you prefer zippy little pods that are light on armor but can out-maneuver their opponents? What if you prefer giant hulking arsenals of death and destruction? While the list of ship variants in Everspace 2 will grow over time, the five ships currently on-hand get the job done.

There are five ships in Everspace 2 Early Access: Sentinel, Scout, Striker, Interceptor, and Gunship.

There are currently five ships in Everspace 2, though each variant comes in a few different visual flavors and rarities. You won’t be able to buy a new ship until you progress the story and reach the Nephtys Plains Station in the Ceto System, but you’ll slowly find additional Ship Dealers in other stations after this.

To start, each of the five ships in Everspace 2 have their own Special and Ultimate skills unique to their class. Each will have at least one passive skill built around their strengths and skills, but these passives are random and the number available is based on ship rarity. This could change over the course of Early Access, and I’ll update this guide if so.


All five ships in Everspace 2 have different amounts of Shields, Armor, and Hull, based largely around their specific function in the game (a Gunship has more armor than a Scout, for example) There are also five slot types assigned to ships – Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Consumables, Devices, and Cargo – and the values for each are also primarily dictated by the role of the ship (a Striker can equip three Primary Weapons, as compared to the Sentinel’s two). Ship handling and speed are also determined by whichever of the five ships you’re looking at. A Scout is exceptionally mobile for example, with higher speed and handling than other the ship types in Everspace 2.

Ships are purchased from Ship Dealers located at select outposts, and you can either buy and transfer your current ship to your homebase, buy and transfer the new ship to your homebase, or buy the new ship and sell off your current ship to cover some of the cost. Appearance is randomized (though the five ships each have a unique and uniform aesthetic), and you can either reload the game or zone back out and into the system if you want to shuffle the deck.

The five Everspace 2 ships currently available in Early Access, to include their Specials and Ultimates, are:


  • Sentinel: all-rounder with decent shields, armor, and hull, but doesn’t excel in any one area.
    • Special – Calibration: 30% increased duration of buffs applied to self.
    • Ult – Static Overload: Turns the ship’s primary weapons into lightning guns, firing arcing electricity at enemies and everything around them.


  • Scout: weak defenses, but a powerhouse from long-range.
    • Special – Ranger: Deals 2% increased damage per 100m distance to target.
    • Ult – Shadow Strike: Renders the ship invisible to enemies and gradually increases weapon damage up to 300%. Resets when a shot is fired. Firing weapons will also draw attention and let enemies briefly target the ship.


  • Striker: close-range brawler with a focus on armor and hull over shields.
    • Special – Close Combat: +5% increased damage for each enemy within 500m up to 30%.
    • Ult – Quantum Tether: Turns the target into a tether anchor that connects them to surrounding enemies who will receive all damage applied to the target. Damage increases with each tethered enemy.


  • Interceptor: medium-range skirmishing with an emphasis on armor and hull.
    • Special – Power Converter: Weapons use boost energy after weapon energy is depleted.
    • Ult – Heavily boosts weapon damage and fire rate and provides unlimited energy. Killing an enemy increases the remaining duration by 1.0s.


  • Gunship: tanky, punchy, yet slow; has high armor and hull at the expense of shields.
    • Special – Arsenal: Uses four primary hardpoints, effectively doubling both fire rate and energy consumption.
    • Ult – Automated turret that fires projectiles at your enemies for 20s after activation.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2021

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