Everspace 2 – Is There Ship Customization, How to Customize Your Ship

Set yourself apart with a personal paintjob.

by Brandon Adams
Everspace 2 - How to Customize Your Ship

You never actually leave your ship in open-world space RPG Everspace 2, so ROCKFISH Games has seen fit to add ship customization to the game. You can’t just slap on a new paintjob whenever you want, but what’s already baked into Everspace 2 here in Early Access is a solid foundation for things to come. Just be sure to save your work.

You can customize your ship in Everspace 2 from while docked at stations.

Stations in Everspace 2 range from your homebase (your main hub in the system where you have access to your storage) to simple trading outposts. So long as you are docked at a station of any sort you can customize your ship. All you need to do is go to your “Ship” tab at the top, and click on Ship Customization on the left, just below your equipped ship abilities.

Currently ship customization in Everspace 2 is limited to the exterior of your ship, with interior cockpit customization slated to appear sometime in the future. For now you can choose between three colors for the exterior, two colors for the emissive lights, and can add a symbol. You can’t customize your ship with complete control, since each of the available color slots is assigned to a specific portion of the ship, but you can choose the color, the finish (Standard and Metallic right now), and Roughness (which affects the hue of the color, with 1.0 scrubbing it away entirely).

You’re pretty limited on colors at the start of Everspace 2, but you can easily earn more from missions, side missions, cargo containers, and downed enemies. So far it appears earning a new color is down to random chance, but you should unlock quite a few by simply playing the game. Once you loot a new color it’s automatically unlocked for ship customization, so all you have to do is return to a station to apply it. You have 4 slots to save your custom ship designs in (that carry over between ships), and the stock option is its own thing, so go nuts and get creative!

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2021

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