Fallout 4 The Big Dig Guide: Side With Bobbi or Fahrenheit?

Should you side with Bobbi or Fahrenheit in the Big Dig quest in Fallout 4?

by Christian Bognar
Big Dig Quest Fallout 4
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There are a lot of story-changing decisions players can make in Fallout 4. Some decisions can make a huge impact, leading to the player’s character becoming evil and changing how the game pans out further in the story. On the other hand, some decisions don’t make a massive difference in the story and are just there for entertainment.

For example, the Big Dig quest requires the player to side with either Bobbi or Fahrenheit, who each have their own intentions. This guide will cover whether you should side with Bobbi or Fahrenheit during the Big Dig quest in Fallout 4.

Should You Side with Bobbi or Fahrenheit in Fallout 4?

In short, it doesn’t matter who you side with in the Big Dig quest, as siding with either Bobbi or Fahrenheit won’t make any drastic changes to the story. Ultimately, the decision just boils down to whether Bobbi or Fahrenheit will die, both of whom don’t play an important role in the overall story of Fallout 4. That said, siding with Bobbi will reward you with the most overall experience points and caps.

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Should You Kill or Spare Bobbi in Fallout 4

Siding with Bobbi will lead to Fahrenheit being killed, where you will get the opportunity to snag her unique weapon, Ashmaker, off her corpse. Siding with Fahrenheit will allow players to kill Bobbi or convince her to leave in peace with a speech check, which will still lead to obtaining the Ashmaker as a reward from Fahrenheit. Either way, the game will reward players with the Ashmaker weapon, a strong minigun that players can use to gun down groups of enemies.

Despite the higher amount of experience points and caps you get for siding with Bobbi, I recommend you side with Fahrenheit. If you don’t side with Fahrenheit, you will have to fight off Fahrenheit (while she uses the Ashmaker minigun) and all of her troops, which is a much more brutal fight than Bobbi.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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