Fastest Methods to Farm Deepsight Resonance in Destiny 2

Red boarders are what you seek.

by J.T. Isenhour


Since the release of Witch Queen in Destiny 2, many players have sought after Deepsight Resonance or Red Border weapons. Once you have completed the Deepsight Resonance on a few different copies of the same weapon, you unlock the pattern of said weapon and can craft it for yourself. All of the new Season of Plunder weapons in Destiny 2 can come with Deepsight Resonance and be crafted if you complete their patterns. Let’s go over how you can easily get your hands on Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2.

How to Farm Deepsight Resonance Weapons in Destiny 2

The hardest part about farming for weapons with Deepsight Resonance is that there is currently no consistent way to farm them outside of buying them on a weekly reset. Anytime you find a weapon, there is a chance for it to have Deepsight Resonance attached to it but you won’t know until you pick it up. This makes farming the weapon you want the best way to farm Deepsight Resonance.

Currently, the only consistent way to get a weapon with Deepsight Resonance attached is to pick them up on weekly resets from the seasonal vendors. Each seasonal vendor has an upgrade you can get that will make the first weapon of the week that you buy from them come with Deepsight Resonance attached to it. While this may seem great, you have to remember that you can only do this once per week. This means for most seasonal weapons it will take you about five weeks to complete the pattern for one weapon.

Of course, that timeframe can go down if you manage to pick up additional versions of that weapon with Deepsight Resonance during the week. But the only guaranteed weapons come from the seasonal vendors and their upgrades. For the current Season of Plunder, you will want the upgrade that gives the first weapon you focus for the week a second set of selectable perks. Although this upgrade does not say that it provides Deepsight Resonance to the weapon it was changed this week to provide it.


Once you have cleaned out your seasonal vendors, your best way to get the Deepsight Resonance weapons is to run Raids. The Kings Fall raid brings more than just new mechanics with it, as you can get yourself a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance drop at the end of the raid. To do this you will need to find a set of runes at the start of the raid that you will then need to find and shoot again throughout the rest of the raid.

You can also spend your Spoils of Conquest at the end of a raid to buy yourself a Deepsight Resonance weapon once per week. Outside of those methods, you will just have to hope any weapon drops you get will come with Deepsight Resonance if you still need more before the weekly reset. If you are in no rush to get the Deepsight Resonance weapons, then you can focus on farming for a god-roll Pizzicato-22. That way you are still passively finding Deepsight Resonance weapons while working toward something that can’t be crafted.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on October 11th, 2022

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