Fastest Ways to Increase Weapon Mastery in Apex Legends

Make sure your weapon is equipped at all times.

by Christian Bognar
How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Season 17 introduces a new legend and a new weapon system called “Weapon Mastery.” This weapon mastery system acts like character progression but, instead, allows players to level up their specific weapons — similar to what we have seen in the Call of Duty games. So how do you increase your weapon mastery quickly? This guide will walk you through what you can do to fly through the weapon mastery levels.

Quickest Way to Level Up Weapon Mastery in Apex Legends

The only way to progress through the weapon mastery levels is by using the specific weapon you want to level up. Players can level up a weapon by having the weapon in hand, getting kills, dealing damage, fighting with style, and completing mastery trials. Mastery Trials act as an objective tied explicitly to the weapon the player is using and happen every 20 levels. The maximum level for a weapon is level 100 and includes five mastery trials, meaning that once all five trials are completed — the weapon will officially be considered “mastered.”

So if you want to level up a specific weapon as fast as possible, you must always bring it into a match. The more you use the weapon, the higher your chances and the quicker you will reach the next Weapon Mastery level.

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Weapon Mastery Rewards and Progress

As you progress through the Weapon Mastery levels for a specific weapon, you will get buffs toward your weapons stats, including handling, accuracy, and much more. Also, progressing through the ranks and completing trials will reward you with weapon-specific badges, lifetime performance trackers, legendary weapon mastery banner frames, and a legendary weapon apex pack.

Weapon Mastery isn’t the only change that was made to Apex Legends. Season 17 brought many new features and improvements, and the complete list of patch notes can be found on the official Apex Legends website — giving you a complete understanding of what to expect.

- This article was updated on May 9th, 2023

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