All Ballistic Abilities and Skills in Apex Legends

New legend incoming!

by Christian Bognar
Ballistic Abilities Apex Legends
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In the latest update on May 9, 2023, a new legend joins Apex Legends and goes by the name “Ballistic.” Ballistic is looking to bring a whole new array of abilities for players to use against the competition that can be described as a gunslinger playstyle. Are you excited about this latest legend? Let’s take a closer look at Ballistic and go into detail about his abilities and skills.

Ballistic Abilities and Skills in Apex Legends

By the looks of it, Ballistic is an older age legend that is looking to be one of the best. Ballistic abilities make him an aggressive competitor and are perfect for those looking for a faster approach to Apex Legends gameplay. He has three unique abilities: Sling, Whistler, and Tempest. Below is the description of each ability found on the official EA website.

  • Passive: Sling – Store a third weapon in the Sling that can be accessed through the inventory or Character Utility Action Button. This third weapon cannot have any attachments.
  • Tactical: Whistler – Shoots a projectile that heats the enemy’s gun as they shoot, which causes damage as overheating increases. Players can do this by holding the tactical button and locking it onto the enemy.
  • Ultimate: Tempest – Teammates near the player will get an increase in their reload speed, quicker move speed, and infinite ammo. This ultimate ability will take the sling weapon (Ballistic’s passive skill) and upgrade it to Gold.

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These three skills are top-notch. Ballistic isn’t just a hard-hitting gunslinger with aggressive gameplay — but also someone looking to be the perfect teammate through its Ultimate ability. A team with Ballistic on their side will get an increase in ammo, reload faster, and move more quickly in general — making the whole squad harder to defeat. I know that, personally, Ballistic will be my go-to now, knowing that I’ll be able to help my allies succeed more and elevate their maximum potential!

- This article was updated on May 8th, 2023

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