All Apex Legends Weapon Stats

Here are all of the Season 13 weapon stats in Apex Legends.

by Noah Nelson


We are halfway through Season 13 in Apex Legends and there are currently 28 guns to choose from. While every season sees a slight shift in how guns perform thanks to balancing and patch notes, these are the current weapon stats in Apex Legends. And though tier lists are subjective, we have a Season 13 weapon tier list that pairs nicely with this guide.

All Weapon Stats in Apex Legends

We will split up the weapons in Apex Legends by weapon type. Each table’s damage info is sorted by headshot damage, body damage, and leg damage. The mag size varies depending on the level of extended magazine you have and the reload speed is non-empty and empty speeds.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – Assault Rifles

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
R-301 Carbine Light 25/14/11 190 816 18/20/25/28 2.4s/3.2s
Flatline Heavy 32/18/14 180 600 20/25/28/30 2.4s/3.1s
Havoc Energy 32/18/14 198 672 24/28/32/36 3.2s/3.2s
Hemlok Heavy 35/20/15 214 643 18/24/27/30 2.4s/2.85s

In Season 13, the best weapons in the game are still the R-301 and the Flatline. The Hemlok and the Havoc are still incredible weapons that, once mastered, can absolutely shred enemies, but they take more practice and mastery than the R-301 and the Flatline. Especially with the Hemlok, if you can land consistent headshots, you’ll be taking out enemies very quickly.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – SMGs

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Volt Unique 26/17/14 204 720 28 1.6s/2.25s
CAR Light/Heavy 20/13/10 202 930 20/22/24/27 1.7s/2.13s
R-99 Light 17/11/9 198 1,080 20/22/24/27 1.8s/2.45s
Prowler Heavy 23/15/12 171 685 20/25/30/35 2.0s/2.6s
Alternator Light 24/16/13 160 600 19/22/25/27 1.9s/2.23s

Especially with it being only in the Care Package this season, the Volt is the best SMG. Close runner-ups are the CAR and the R-99. The CAR is excellent because it can hold both heavy and light ammo which makes it great if you ever want to swap for a different weapon in the late game. The Prowler and the Alternator are both good guns, but if you are going with an SMG, they aren’t as successful as the three aforementioned powerhouses.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – LMGs

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Spitfire Heavy 27/18/15 162 540 55 3.4s/3.8s
Rampage Heavy 46/26/22 130 300 28/32/34/40 3.1s/3.4s
L-Star Energy 26/17/14 170 600 ~23/~25/~27/~29 3.6s
Devotion Energy 23/15/13 225 900 36/40/44/48 3.2s/3.8s

The Spitfire is dominating the LMG game. The Rampage comes in second place for us since it does incredible damage and can fire faster with a thermite grenade. The L-Star and the Devotion aren’t too good this season and will hopefully receive some sort of buff to make them viable.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – Marksman

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
G7 Scout Unique 63/36/27 144 240 20 2.4s/3.0s
Bocek Bow Arrows 105/60/54 69 69 N/A N/A
Triple Take Energy 126/63/58 82 78 6/7/8/9 2.6s/3.4s
30-30 Repeater Heavy 74/42/36 98 140 6/8/10/12 0.6s/bullet

Though the G7 Scout is in the Care Package, it isn’t too great of a weapon. There are snipers that do a better job and more reliable single-shot weapons too. The best marksman weapon in our opinion is the Triple Take. It is extremely easy to use and get shots with and does a devastating amount of headshot damage. The Bocek Bow is decent and the 30-30 Repeater is sort of a sleeper weapon that can be great in the right hands.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – Snipers

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Kraber Unique 280/140/112 84 36 4 3.2s/4.3s
Charge Rifle Sniper 56/45/45 (+45) 23 (+23) 30 8 3.6s/3.6s
Longbow Sniper 118/55/44 71.5 78 6/8/10/12 2.66s/3.66s
Sentinel Sniper 140/70/63 40 37.5 4/5/6/7 2.5s/3.6s

The Kraber is, without a doubt, the best sniper in the game. It has been that way for a long time as it remains in the Care Package. The Charge Rifle is great for poking enemies and leveling up your EVO shield. The Sentinel and the Longbow are both great options as well.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – Shotguns

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Mastiff Unique 140/112/112 134.4 72 4 1.03s/1.7s
Peacekeeper Shotgun 129/99/99 96 58 5 2.5s/3.5s
Mozambique Shotgun 69/45/45 135 180 6 2.1s/2.6s
EVA-8 Shotgun 99/63/63 126 120 8 2.75s/3.0s

Though the Mastiff is buffed since it is in the Care Package, our go-to shotgun is the Peacekeeper. The EVA-8 is in second place and the Mozambique is last. If you can help it, get yourself a Peacekeeper, trust us.

Apex Legends Weapon Stats – Pistols

Name Ammo Damage DPS RPM Mag Size Reload
Wingman Heavy 97/45/41 117 156 6/7/8/9 2.1s/2.1s
RE-45 Light 18/12/11 150 750 16/19/22/25 1.5s/1.95s
P2020 Light 27/18/16 126 420 14/16/18/21 1.25s/1.25s

The Wingman remains OG Apex Legends players’ favorite pistol. The RE-45 is a decent pistol when starting the game, but if you can help it, avoid the P2020. Though it isn’t completely useless, it isn’t as viable as the other weapons.

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Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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