FFXIV: All 12 Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon Routes and Entries

Here's how to master FFXIV's second variant dungeon.

by Diego Perez
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Mount Rokkon is the second variant dungeon added to Final Fantasy XIV, arriving with the release of Patch 6.45, and it has multiple paths and routes to take just like the Sil’dihn Subterrane dungeon that came before it. Those who go the extra mile to achieve every ending for Mount Rokkon and collect all 12 records will be rewarded with a unique mount, so there’s plenty of incentive to run it over and over again. Here’s everything you need to know about Mount Rokkon.

How to Unlock Mount Rokkon in Final Fantasy XIV

To gain access to Mount Rokkon, head to Old Sharlayan and pick up the quest called “Mononoke Aware” from Shallow Moor (X: 12.0, Y:13.3) near Scholar’s Harbor. This quest involves a brief trip to Kugane, but you’re just one quick teleport away from unlocking the dungeon. Mount Rokkon has a minimum item level requirement of 605 if you want to go in with a matchmade party, but you can also run it solo or with an undersized party like any other variant dungeon if you so choose.

How to Get Mount Rokkon Records

There are 12 possible routes to take in Mount Rokkon, each of which leads to a different ending. Don’t be afraid to use Party Finder to get a group together so you can mop up the last few entries that you need! You can also run variant dungeons solo or with an undersized party if you want to go in by yourself or with a few friends. The variant actions that you can take with you will make up for any missing roles in your party composition.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Record One: Gift of the Onmyoji

To get the first ending for Mount Rokkon and secure the Gift of the Onmyoji record, take the left path at the beginning. Continue until you reach the statues but do not interact with them. Lastly, interact with the katana box to close it before the final boss.

Record Two: The Crimson Sword

Getting the second ending for Mount Rokkon involves most of the same actions as the first route. Take the left path and ignore the pair of statues, but this time ignore the katana box as well. Just let Hancock observe it and continue to the final boss.

Record Three: A Tale of Dead Men

For the third record, take the left path. When you reach the two statues, rotate the left one (Suzaku) to face the door and rotate the right one (Seiryu) to face left toward the other statue. With the statues configured this way, a secret path will open when you try to progress normally.

Continue through the secret side route and you will find an enemy called Apa, a water sprite that will begin to cast Water III when engaged. To get this ending, let the Apa cast Water III. Do not kill it or interrupt its action. The lanterns will be extinguished once the spell is cast, and this will secure the Tale of Dead Men ending for you!

Record Four: Forging a Legacy

To get the Forging a Legacy record and unlock the fourth Mount Rokkon ending, follow the same steps as above but interrupt the Apa before it casts Water III. The lanterns must remain lit. Kill or interrupt the water sprite before it can act.

Record Five: The Luthier and the Songstress

The fifth Mount Rokkon ending requires you to take the middle path. The rope before the first boss doesn’t change anything despite what some players may believe. To get this record, all you need to do is ignore the boxes after defeating the tiger and instead continue along the main path until you reach a baboon. Spare it and you’ll unlock The Luthier and the Songstress record at the end of the dungeon.

Record Six: Lost to Avarice

The Lost to Avarice record requires you to take the middle path and follow the same steps as above, except you must choose to fight the monkey. If you defeat it, you’ll get the sixth ending after finishing Mount Rokkon.

Record Seven: Beyond the Lanterns’ Light

Ending seven requires you to take the middle path. When you reach the boxes after the first boss, climb them. Continue along the path and pull the rope to help Hancock catch up. That’s all you need to do for this record!

Record Eight: The Common Man’s Courage

To get the eighth Mount Rokkon ending, take the right path and ignore the statue before the first boss. After defeating the first boss, interact with all 4 Stones of Protection. That’ll secure The Common Man’s Courage record for you at the end of the dungeon.

Record Nine: Sound of the Stone

To get the Sound of the Stone record and the ninth ending of Mount Rokkon, take the right path. Ignore the dogu statue and ignore all of the stones. Proceed to the end of the dungeon and you’ll get this ending.

Record Ten: The Seal of Silence

For the tenth ending of Mount Rokkon, take the right path and take the dogu statue this time. After the first boss, you’ll see a shrine next to a fence. Use the /easternbow emote on the shrine to open its doors and then place the statue inside. Finally, choose the rock instead of the tree when given the chance. This will get you the tenth record after finishing the dungeon.

Record Eleven: Seasons of the Fleeting

To get the Seasons of the Fleeting record, follow the steps for the tenth ending listed above but choose the tree instead of the boulder.

Record Twelve: The Osgiseru’s Fate

To get the twelfth and final Mount Rokkon ending and unlock The Osgiseru’s Fate record, take the middle path. Climb the boxes when you reach them and pull the rope to spawn the lanterns. Take the enemies into the previous room with the red paper lanterns.

When you kill these enemies, they will perform a cone-shaped AOE attack. Use this AOE to hit all of the lanterns. This will unlock a hidden path that will lead you to the final Mount Rokkon ending.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2023

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