How to Unlock All Blue Mage Spells in FFXIV (Updated for Patch 6.45)

Are you trying to unlock all of the Blue Mage spells quickly in Final Fantasy XIV?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV has plenty of jobs to level up and Blue Mages are without a doubt one of the most efficient classes in terms of versatility, especially if you learn all of their spells. There is plenty of reason to go on the hunt for each spell but I know that it will take a very long time. Thankfully, this article will take you through how to unlock every single Blue Mage spell in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to Unlock Blue Mage Spells in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to start unlocking Blue Mage spells you will have to of course first unlock Blue Mage as a job. You will be able to start the unlock quest when you are at least level 50 on one main job class. The starting location of the Unlock Quest is found at (X:10, Y:11) and given by the Yellowjacket in the plaza of Limsa Lominsa.

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When you have obtained the Blue Mage job after the quest, you will be able to learn spells by watching enemies cast particular spells/being in their area. You will also have to defeat the enemy after they cast the spell fully in order to get the chance of learning the spell.

Unlock Requirement for Every Blue Mage Spell in Final Fantasy XIV

I would recommend keeping this page up while you are looking for each of the spells so you have an easy reference of each location for the spells. I have split the spells into their respective star ranks so it’s much easier for you to find those you are looking for the most. This is instead of having to trawl through an entire page of spells in one table — pick and search for them as you like!

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In order to keep spells even easier for you to find, I have also listed the quickest ways to find each spell in terms of enemies. There are sometimes a few extra enemies where you can get the spell but the enemies listed are the quickest to reach. However, if you run into the spell you are looking for through another enemy you can unlock it from them too.

These lists have been written by way of my own in-game experience along with research from the Final Fantasy XIV Wiki and FFXIV Collect due to the sheer number of spells.

One Star Blue Mage Spells

There are plenty of excellent rank one Blue Mage spells to collect such as Ice Spikes, Loom, and Choco Meteor. Most of your time looking for the rank one spells will be spent in various open-world regions, and I know you will find plenty of gorgeous views along the way.

Within the table, there is a column labeled “Minimum Level Required to Learn” and this just means what level you need to be to acquire the spell. However, for those spells which mention “Level one”, sometimes you could tag along with friends to see an enemy use a spell in a high-level area when you are still of a lower level, and still learn the spell. I wouldn’t recommend that but it is an option for you.

SpellEnemy(s) to Learn the Spell FromMinimum Level Required to LearnRelated Location/SituationCoordinatesMiscellaneous Unlock Requirement
Water CannonN/ALevel oneN/AN/AAutomatically unlocked
Triple TridentGyorai Quickstrike (Elite Mark)

Ebisu Catfish
Level oneYanxia(X: 28.0, Y: 7.0) if looking for the Catfish.Can be unlocked via the Elite Mark enemy along with the Catfish.
UltravibrationKongamatoLevel oneThe Peaks (Gyr Abania)(X: 11.0, Y: 25.0)N/A
Mind BlastGalvanth the Dominator 16Tam-Tara Deepcroft DungeonN/AN/A
Flying SardineApkalluLevel oneEastern La Noscea (X: 27.0, Y: 35.0)N/A
Moon FluteN/A50N/AN/AComplete 10 stages in Masked Carnivale. You will need to start “The Real Folk Blues” unlock quest in Ul’dah from level 50 as a Blue Mage.
Self-DestructGlide Bomb

Blasting Cap

Arena Cherry Bomb
Level oneWestern Thanalan

Copperbell Mines (Dungeon)

(X: 27, Y: 16)



Stage eight of Masked Carnivale.
Ice SpikesTrickster Imp

Vandalous Imp
12Central Shroud

Eastern Thanalan
(X: 28, Y: 24)

(X: 15, Y: 19)
LoomDantalion50Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)N/AN/A
Acorn BombTreant Sapling12North Shroud, Central Shroud, or the East Shroud.Can be found in the Central Shroud at (X: 27, Y: 15)N/A
Blood DrainChigoe

Sun Bat

Cave Bat
Level fiveCentral Shroud

Central Thanalan

Lower La Noscea
(X: 25, Y:19)

(X: 26, Y: 18)

(X: 27, Y: 16)
Frog LegsPoroggoLevel oneThe Dravanian Hinterlands(X: 12, Y: 34)N/A
ChirpStolasLevel oneThe Dravanian HinterlandsN/AThe Stolas is a Rank A Elite Mark.
CactguardSabotender Guardia50Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)N/AN/A
AvailQueen Hawk60Saint Mocianne’s ArboretumN/AN/A
Feculent FloodTokkapchi70Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)N/AN/A
Choco MeteorCourser Chocobo53The Dravanian Forelands(X: 37, Y: 23)N/A
Aetherial SparkLuminareLevel oneThe LochsN/ARank A Elite Mark
DevourDecaying Gourmand50Lost City of AmdaporN/AN/A

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Two Star Blue Mage Spells

Final Sting is a two-star rank Blue Mage spell, and it is one of the most powerful Blue Mage spells you can unlock. Many will be on the lookout for this spell so it is listed first and foremost in the table. Other spells in the list shouldn’t be neglected though as there are still plenty of other two-rank spells worth the effort required to gain them.

SpellEnemy(s) to Learn the Spell FromMinimum Level Required to LearnRelated Location/SituationCoordinatesMiscellaneous Unlock Requirement
Final StingKiller WespeLevel oneMiddle La Noscea(X: 15, Y: 15)N/A
BlazeAlte Roite70Deltascape V1.0N/AN/A
Drill CannonsMagitek Vanguard H-2Level oneNorthern Thanalan(X: 16, Y: 15)N/A
Plain CrackerSandstone Golem Level oneSouthern Thanalan(X: 24, Y: 13)
Song of TormentSiren

50Pharos Sirius

II Mheg


Rank S Elite Mark
BristleWild BoarLevel oneEast Shroud(X: 18, Y: 24)N/A
Level 5 PetrifyManor Sentry28Haukke ManorN/AN/A
Off-GuardN/ALevel oneN/AN/ALearn five spells in total.
The LookAnantabogaLevel oneAmdapor KeepN/AN/A
Bomb TossGoblin Fisher and Goblin GamblerLevel oneMiddle La Noscea(X: 24, Y: 21)N/A
Peculiar LightLentic Mudpuppy 45Mor Dhona(X: 13, Y: 10)N/A
The Dragon’s VoiceChimera38Cutter’s CryN/AN/A
The Ram’s VoiceChimera38Cutter’s CryN/AN/A
TransfusionN/ALevel oneN/AN/ALearn 20 spells in total.
KaltstrahlJagd Doll60Alexander — The Cuff of FatherN/AN/A
ElectrogenesisConodont50Sea of Clouds(X: 26, Y: 33)N/A
Alpine DraftGriffin51Sea of Clouds(X: 36, Y: 9) N/A
Malediction of WaterSai Taisui70The Swallow’s CompassN/AN/A
TingleEbisu CatfishLevel oneYanxia(X: 28, Y: 7)N/A
ExuviationWamoura50Lost City of AmdaporN/AN/A
LauncherArmored Weapon60Baelsar’s WallN/AN/A
White Knight’s TourWhite Knight57The VaultN/AN/A
Black Knight’s TourBlack Knight57The VaultN/AN/A
Eerie SoundwaveArioch50Lost City of AmdaporN/AN/A
Magic HammerApanda60The Great Gubal Library (Hard)N/AN/A
Revenge BlastN/A50N/AN/ALearn 50 spells in total.
Saintly BeamPhantom Train70Sigmascape V1.0 N/AN/A
The Rose of DestructionIvon Coeurlfist70The Temple of The FistN/AN/A
Basic InstinctMaster CoeurlLevel oneUpper La Noscea(X: 8, Y: 21)N/A

Three Star Blue Mage Spells

The three star Blue Mage spells have plenty of versatility and it is worthwhile going on the journey for all of these. A few more of the spells in this category just require you to learn a lot of spells so if you have already been working through obtaining the spells above then this will take less time for you. Otherwise, I recommend just moving on to other lists if you have not met the requirement for some of the learned spell amounts.

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SpellEnemy to Learn the Spell FromMinimum Level Required to LearnRelated Location/SituationCoordinatesMiscellaneous Unlock Requirement
Flying FrenzyZu50Pharos SiriusN/AN/A
Ink JetKraken50Sastasha (Hard)N/AN/A
Protean WaveLiving Liquid60Alexander — The Arm of FatherN/AN/A
Pom CureFurryfoot Kupli Kipp50Thornmarch (Hard)N/AN/A
RefluxCloud Wyvern50The Churning Mists(X: 24, Y: 31)N/A
WhistleJhammel56The Peaks(X: 26, Y: 30)N/A
Angel’s SnackN/A70Whalaquee TotemN/ABe a Level 70 Blue Mage.
Fire AngonFruminoius Koheel Ja50The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)N/AN/A
FazeQiqirn ShellsweeperLevel oneCentral Thanalan(X: 15, Y: 19)N/A
Bad BreathStroper (or Morbols)Level oneCentral Shroud(X: 12, Y: 23)N/A
White WindN/ALevel oneN/AN/ALearn a total of ten spells.
Toad OilGiggling GigantoadLevel oneWestern Thanalan(X: 15, Y: 7)N/A
Condensed LibraMechanoscribe 60The Great Gubal Library (Hard)N/AN/A
Tatami-GaeshiDojun-maru (non-boss enemies)70Kugane CastleN/AN/A
Matra MagicN/A70N/AN/ALearn a total of 100 spells.
Dragon ForceN/A70N/AN/ALearn a total of 100 spells.

Four Star Blue Mage Spells

After you have concluded your search for the majority of three star spells, you may want to aim for acquiring some of the four star spells before any of the five star ones. However, no matter what you decide to go for first, you won’t need to feel limited thanks to how diverse the spells all are. Keep pushing onwards with the spell search and you will be one of the best Blue Mages in Eorzea!

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SpellEnemy to Learn the Spell FromMinimum Level Required to LearnRelated Location/SituationCoordinatesMiscellaneous Unlock Requirement
Aqua BreathLeviathan50The WhorleaterN/AN/A
Sharpened KnifeTonberry King50The Wanderer’s PalaceN/AN/A
4-Tonze WeightUltros50The Dragon’s NeckN/AN/A
Mighty GuardN/ALevel oneN/AN/ALearn a total of ten spells.
MissileEnkidu (or Guardian)50Battle in the Big Keep (Sigmascape V3.0 if looking for the Guardian)N/AN/A
1000 NeedlesSabotender BailaorLevel oneSouthern Thanalan(X: 16, Y: 14)N/A
DiamondbackCuca Fera50The Stone Vigil (Hard)N/AN/A
Sticky TongueToxic ToadLevel oneCentral Thanalan(X: 26, Y: 19)N/A
SnortTyphon50The Dragon’s NeckN/AN/A
GlowerCoincounter47The Aurum ValeN/AN/A
High VoltageADS50Binding Coil of Bahamut T1N/AN/A
Flame ThrowerMagitek Gunship 50The Keeper of the LakeN/AN/A
Tail ScrewKarlabos50Sastasha (Hard)N/AN/A
DoomN/A50N/AN/AYou must complete 20 stages in the Masked Carnivale for this spell.
Sonic BoomZu50Pharos SiriusN/AN/A
Level 5 DeathPage 6459The Great Gubal LibraryN/AN/A
Abyssal TransfixionAsh58Haukke Manor (Hard)N/AN/A
GobskinAlexandrian Hider 60Alexander — The Breath of the CreatorN/AN/A
Angel WhisperN/A60N/AN/AYou must complete 30 stages in the Masked Carnivale for this spell.
Perpetual RayThe Manipulator60Alexander — The Burden of the FatherN/AN/A
Aetheric MimicryGhrah Luminary (non-boss enemies)60Pharos Sirius (Hard)N/AN/A
Chelonian GateGenbu70Hell’s LidN/AN/A
Mustard BombOmega70Alphascape V3.0N/AN/A
Cold FogMist Dragon Heads70The BurnN/AN/A
Peripheral SynthesisOmega70Alphascape V3.0N/AN/A
Hydro PullKelpie70The Drowned City of SkallaN/AN/A

Five Star Blue Mage Spells

Finally, there are the five-star Blue Mage spells to find which are of course tied to some of the more difficult trials, dungeons, and so forth. However, having five-star spells is going to be a necessity for any player who mains a Blue Mage. They can add that extra bit of spice to your gameplay style and will add some fresh elements to your spell-casting.

SpellEnemy to Learn the Spell FromMinimum Level Required to LearnRelated Location/SituationCoordinatesMiscellaneous Unlock Requirement
Glass DanceShiva50Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)N/AN/A
EruptionIfrit20Bowl of EmbersN/AN/A
Mountain BusterTitan50The Navel (Hard)N/AN/A
Feather RainGaruda50The Howling Eye (Extreme)N/AN/A
Shock StrikeRamuh50The Striking Tree (Hard)N/AN/A
J KickBrute Justice60Alexander, The Burden of the SonN/AN/A
Veil of the WhorlLeviathan50The Whorleater (Hard)N/AN/A
SurpanakhaRavana53Thok ast Thok (Hard)N/AN/A
QuasarSophia60Containment Bay P1T6N/AN/A
Phantom FlurrySuzaku70Hell’s KierN/AN/A
NightbloomTsukuyomi70Castrum FluminisN/AN/A
Both EndsQitian Dasheng70The Swallow’s CompassN/AN/A

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All Patch 6.45 Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage Spells

In patch 6.45, there has been new Blue Mage job unlock quests and spells added that will increase your learned spell number even more. I would recommend starting the general new Blue Mage unlock quests as soon as possible.

The first quest “And the Crowd Goes Mild” can be started in Ul’dah at the Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) given by Martyn. You will need to be at least level 70 as a Blue Mage to start the quest. Along with that, you need to have finished the “Reflections in Crystal” quest and “A Future in Blue”.

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These quests need to be completed in order, I have listed each quest below for you to follow along with including the specific locations of each quest.

  1. And the Crowd Goes Mild — Blue Mage Level 70 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | Martyn
  2. The Beard, the Myth, the Legend — Blue Mage Level 73 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | P’yandih
  3. Gridania’s Most Wanted — Blue Mage Level 75 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | P’yandih
  4. No Butts About It — Blue Mage Level 78 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | P’yandih
  5. A New Gold Standard — Blue Mage Level 80 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | Martyn
  6. The Brave and the Blue — Blue Mage Level 80 | Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X:12.5 Y:13.0) | Martyn

Patch 6.45 Added Spells

SpellEnemy to Learn Spell FromRankRelated Location/Situation
Sea ShantyNixieFive StarMatoya’s Relict
Being MortalTitaniaFive StarThe Dancing Plague
ApokalypsisTherionFive StarAmaurot
Divination RuneTitaniaFour StarThe Dancing Plague
Dimensional ShiftEden PrimeFour StarEden’s Gate: Resurrection
Wild RageSpectral BerserkerFour StarThe Heroes’ Gauntlet
Ruby DynamicsThe Ruby WeaponFour StarCinder Drift
Breath of MagicN/AThree StarLevel 80 Blue Mage Whalaqee Totem
Force FieldN/AThree StarYou have to learn 120 Blue Mage Spells.
Winged ReprobationInnocenceThree StarThe Crown of The Immaculate
Deep CleanSeeker of SolitudeThree StarThe Grand Cosmos
Conviction MarcatoForgiven ObscenityThree StarMt Gulg
Laser EyeEden’s PromiseThree StarEden’s Promise: Eternity
Mortal FlameLugusThree StarThe Grand Cosmos
Candy CaneAenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering GazeTwo StarDohn Mheg
Right RoundGreater ArmadilloTwo StarMalikah’s Well
Peat PeltMudmanTwo StarMatoya’s Relict
SchiltronLong-Tailed ArmadilloOne StarAmh Araeng
RehydrationSlippery ArmadilloOne StarAmh Araeng
Goblin PunchHobgoblinOne StarKholusia

I must say, after you have learned all of the Blue Mage spells, you will certainly be hard-pressed to find enemies in the open world that can withstand the wrath of all of your spell-casting. Everything listed in the tables above is all you need to know about how to acquire each Blue Mage spell in Final Fantasy XIV.

Authors Note: I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PlayStation 5 and have a deep interest in the community founded over the years.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2023

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