FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Guide: How to Win the New PVP Mode

Winning the new PVP mode!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV has been making the rounds today with the latest patch firing on all cylinders for players across the game. There is of course the new PVP mode that has made its entrance into the game. This is a mode that is likely to be thriving for a long while so knowing exactly how to win the mode will set you in good stead for being able to make the biggest impact on the mode. This guide article will take you through the process of how to win the FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Mode.

How To Win FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Mode

The new mode may throw off a lot of people at first until they learn how it all works. It certainly is one of the more complex modes to learn at first due to its unique nature for Final Fantasy XIV. Firstly, before you get started with the mode, you will want to sort your PVP Hotbar abilities and have them active.

When you spawn into the mode, you will be split into two teams, Astra and Umbra. You have to simply move the ‘Tactical Crystal’ from the center of the map to the opponent’s goal/base by staying close to the crystal in the crystal ring. There are checkpoints along the way that will halt the crystals’ progress until the team who is moving the crystal have been in the crystal ring until the gauge reaches 100% at which point the crystal will move again.

Working as a team will get you a win in the mode in no time! However, here are a few tips to keep things moving for the progress of your wins:

  • Use the side entrances/launch pads to get back onto the field quicker after a respawn
  • Work in groups, stay with your team!
  • The path that the crystal moves along is called the ‘Crystal Line’. The crystal will move faster along the line when it has been moved along a stretch of the line that the moving team has moved it before or when the team moving the crystal is less than the opposing team’s progress. Take advantage of this information and strategize with your teammates.

When you have moved the crystal into the goal, you will win the match! However, if the match goes to overtime, you will just have to reach one of the checkpoints with the crystal and get the gauge bar to 100% for the checkpoint. Now you can go into Crystalline Conflict with the knowledge of how to win it, perhaps after trying the new duty support system for dungeons with the patch.

There are also ranked matches for the new mode so being sure to understand how the mode works first will be a major benefit for you if you are planning to play in the ranked mode for a while. There are even different tiers for ratings based on the matches and your performances.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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