FFXIV Housing Lottery Explained: How to Buy a House in Empyreum

Time to enroll in the lottery!

by Gordon Bicker


The Final Fantasy XIV new housing system will be arriving soon and players are awaiting the update with eager hope as they are narrowing in on the various houses that they may want to try and get. Getting housing in Final Fantasy XIV has been a point of great discussion due to how difficult it can be to actually get a certain house due to the fact it’s pretty much a race to get to the Placard first to buy the house. However, with the new system, players can now roll in a lottery to obtain the house of their choosing and this guide will explain the FFXIV housing lottery system.

FFXIV Housing Lottery System — The Details

The new system will be across all housing districts. This goes for both free companies and also players themselves. In order to have a chance of purchasing a house, you will have to input a ‘lottery entry’ for whatever plot/house you are wanting during the time indicated for that plot while the lottery is active. When the lottery results are available, whoever has won the lottery will gain the house from random selection.

There are 9 days for a lottery and the time to enter during that time is 5 days from the initial start of the lottery. However, it should be noted that the ‘days’ are all real-world days. For the remaining 4 days after the 5 days, that will be the results time and when the lottery is complete, a player will be selected to get the house or a free company.

It should be noted that if you are a private buyer, you will need to be at least level 50 for one class. You will also have to be Second Lieutenant or a higher rank in one of the various Grand Companies.

As for free companies buying houses, one of the new rules is you have to have been a member of your free company for at least 30 days. Whether you are planning to show your bard skills in your new house, the new system will certainly keep things fresh for players.

Buying A FFXIV House In Empyreum

There are 48 wards within the Empyreum district and to travel to Empyreum and get a house there, you will firstly have to have completed the sidequest ‘Ascending to Empyreum’. After which, you will be able to enter the lottery system at the start of patch 6.1 in the same method detailed earlier in the article.

If you are a new player to FFXIV, you will have to level for a while before you can buy houses but the rewards and benefits of getting the housing will definitely be worth it. The new system ensures that things such as botting for housing is significantly reduced as no longer will getting to the placard the quickest and buying it be the decider in who gets the house. There is an equal chance for everyone now.

Some may try and find ways to leverage the system but hopefully, they won’t work that out for some time from 6.1.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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