FFXIV Leveling Guide: Best Ways to Level Jobs From 1-90 Fast

Leveling jobs fast!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV has continuously had a dedicated fanbase over the years and it has taken its place amongst the highest echelons of MMORPGs across the industry. There are always new players venturing through Eorzea and with an influx of new players, the vast process of leveling jobs gets underway with extreme precision and efficiency. However, some players will be looking for the fastest and best ways to level FFXIV jobs fast in the experience. This guide article will take you through that process and have sections dedicated to leveling jobs related to each major expansion’s level cap.

Leveling FFXIV Jobs From 1 To 50 — A Realm Reborn

Ah, the base game, remembrance of a time past for many players but the start of a great new adventure for some. When you are starting your journey through the experience, you will have chosen a job/class that suits you and in order to net more EXP in terms of combat jobs, you will be wanting to complete as many quests as possible to start with, especially main quests. This is the game’s natural progression route which is indeed efficient.

Resting is also equally important. On the leveling bar, you may see sometimes a moon icon and you may observe segments of the bar glow a darker orange when in towns and cities along with other ‘safe areas’. If you log out in these locations and rest, you will gain a lot of EXP  after a day’s work in Final Fantasy XIV. Furthermore, I have found the ‘Brand-new Ring’ to be extremely useful for leveling jobs. You will obtain this ring after completing the ‘Hall of the Novice’ and it will give you an increase of all EXP gains by 30% up to level 30 but technically up to level 31.

You will be flying through the levels in no time, especially if you are also completing dungeons, whether that be with the people you want to or with others through the duty finder.

Leveling FFXIV Jobs From 50 To 60 — Heavensward

Continuing with the process, another great way to earn EXP for Heavensward is by competing in PVP and also completing the ‘daily leveling roulette’ which as the title suggests is excellent for exp. Furthermore, the ‘MSQ Roulette’ also earns a lot of EXP and completing levequests will give you a balance of extra EXP while you are working through everything else.

Of course, completing the main story quests related to Heavensward will gain you a lot of exp and would be great to be completed first.

Leveling FFXIV Jobs From 60 To 70 — Stormblood

Another method to continue earning EXP for jobs is my completing ‘Clan Hunts’ and ‘Beast Tribe’ quests which can be excellent for gaining additional EXP . With all of the patches, there continue to be more and more ways o gain a lot of EXP so being sure to keep learning about anything being changed with patches will allow you to learn if there are indeed any EXP changes for various activities.

The most common way to earn EXP in this level set is by completing Heaven-on-High which is an ever-changing dungeon that is different for each run you complete it. This is a brilliant source of EXP for your character.

Leveling FFXIV Jobs From 70 To 80 — Shadowbringers

When continuing your leveling process up towards the next expansion’s level caps. You should definitely have a chat with ‘Grege The Tap Keeper’ who is located at the precise coordinates of X 5.4, and Y 6.6 within the Gold Saucer. They will sell food with a stat bonus and you will get a large EXP bonus while this food buff is activated so your EXP gains from all sources will be massive and Raids and Trials will net you tons of exp to help with your leveling.

Leveling FFXIV Jobs From 80 To 90 — Endwalker

In terms of when you reach the Endwalker levels, simply playing through the main story quests for the expansion will get you a lot of EXP and this should be your first call to action for the experience. Afterwards, completing various Endwalker endgame activities such as the expansion’s raid will ensure that you are getting the best amount of EXP for your jobs and in no time you will have reached level 90.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on March 26th, 2022

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