Is the Final Fantasy XIV Story Skip Worth It? Pros and Cons of Using Tales of Adventure in FFXIV

Planning to utilize the Final Fantasy XIV story skip?

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV always seems to be growing in new player numbers and with excellent expansions such as Endwalker being released throughout the years. There are always new players taking the leap into the experience and some of them may be wondering whether to utilize the ‘Tales of Adventure’ within the experience, which will let them skip all the main story of the base game and start with the expansion content from the get-go. This guide article will take you through the pros and cons of the Final Fantasy XIV Story Skip.

Pros And Cons Of The Final Fantasy XIV Story Skip Item

The ‘Tales of Adventure’ will, of course, let you skip A Realm Reborn’s main story (if you are not on the free trial) as aforementioned and that can seem very daunting to most players and rightly so. There are many benefits to using the skip, but also many factors that mean that it may be best not to use the item. This list will let you know everything you need to know!

The Pros:

  • The ‘Tales of Adventure’ will get you a step closer to playing all of the expansion endgame content and of course the base game’s endgame content
  • You will save time
  • You will receive ten silver chocobo feathers and 30 Allagan platinum pieces and the ’30 Allagan Platinum Pieces’ can be sold to vendor NPCs for 300,000 gil in total. A great leap for your gil!

The Cons:

  • You will miss out on the excellent story feats of A Realm Reborn if you haven’t already play it and not get all of the background information about the game and the overarching themes
  • Your character’s level does not increase upon using the ‘Tales of Adventure’
  • Your overall playtime may be decreased because you haven’t been able to experience the Realm Reborn story.

Observably, there are various factors to why you may or may not want to use the ‘Tales of Adventure’ and you will have to think about all of this before choosing what to do and whether to play through the main game story.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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