FFXIV: How to Use Aether Compass in Endwalker

Have you been able to find your Aether Compass?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV is now in the early-access phase of the long-awaited expansion Endwalker. The Final Fantasy XIV community has been indulging itself in everything new the game has to offer. New and old players alike are making their way through the quests and leveling up while taking in the magnificent atmosphere that the experience always has had. However, one particular item has had a location change with Endwalker and this is the Final Fantasy XIV Aether Compass. This guide article will inform you how to use it and where the Aether Compass is now located for your player to utilize and what it actually does.

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What the Aether Compass Is and How to Use It

The Aether Compass is one of the key items that will have a great need to be utilized in the game. They can be used to find aether currents and these aether currents are what will unlock the ability for your vast array of mounts to fly in the air within that particular region. Each region has its own aether currents so finding all of them is essential to unlocking the full potential of your mount and travel speed options.

In turn, ensuring you have the compass ready at all times is a surefire way to find the aether currents you need to find. In terms of how to use it, you can simply activate the item when you’re wanting to search for aether currents and there will be a U.I pop-up provided about if there are any aether currents nearby. If there are, your compass will start showcasing the location by letting you know how far away from it you are and in what direction it is located for you to find them.

The Aether Compass itself is obtained from ‘Divine Intervention’ as a quest reward. However, if it is lost at any point it can also be obtained again by visiting Gilbrillont in Foundation within the Forgotten Knight. There is also another character you can visit to obtain it again and this is Guafrid in Rhalgar’s Reach located in The Fringes where players can once again be able to grab the Aether Compass for utilisation.

Where to Find the Aether Compass in Your Inventory

Since the release of Endwalker, you cannot find the Aether Compass in your Key Items here it was originally. You will now be able to find it in the Collection menu, which can be accessed by clicking the red Duty icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Now you can take in all of the new changes that arrive with the update with the Aether Compass and start finding those aether currents for your mounts. There is an abundance of mounts in the game and making sure they have the ability to fly in every region will certainly make it so that your character can traverse the world at a quicker rate.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

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