FFXIV Make It Rain MGP Farming Guide: Best Ways to Maximize Event MGP Gains

Are you trying to get MGP quickly in the Final Fantasy XIV Make It Rain event?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV players are setting off on luxurious airships to visit the Golden Saucer during the Make It Rain event to farm all of that sweet sweet MGP. Obtaining prizes and rewards at the Golden Saucer is easier than ever during Make It Rain since you will get 50% extra MGP but you can also speed up gains even faster. This article will take you through the best ways to maximize MGP gains in FFXIV during the event.

Best Ways to Farm MGP During the FFXIV Make It Rain Event

Mini Cactpot

An excellent starting way to begin your MGP farming for a day is to play Mini Cactpot in Entrance Square. You can buy three Mini Cactpot tickets per day each costing 10 MGP and you have the chance to earn up to 20,000 MGP per ticket because of the 50% extra. After you have done the Mini Cactpot, I recommend heading to Wonder Square and taking part in the Fashion Report by speaking to Masked Rose.

Fashion Report

Kaiyoko on Reddit always has an excellent diagram of everything you need to wear for a week’s fashion report to get the highest score. If you get above 80 points during Make It Rain, you will obtain a massive 120,000 MGP for your efforts. Without a doubt, this is one of the activities you should complete first in the event — go get that fashion on, Warrior of Light!

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Free Company Bonuses

If you are in a level 8 (and above) Free Company then you can have the Free Company activate the Jackpot III action which will increase MGP gains by an extra 15%. This suddenly will make it so that you are earning 65% extra MGP during Make It Rain. It is especially useful when you are taking part in GATEs — minigame events in the Gold Saucer and another excellent way to gain MGP.

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GATEs and Extra Methods

You will get a notification when GATEs begin and where they are taking place in the Gold Saucer. For an example of how simple it can be to earn MGP with these, I played through the “Air Force One” GATE and earned 9000 MGP for only a few minutes of play — GATEs are amazing little bonus MGP opportunities. Other ways to earn MGP quickly in the Gold Saucer are listed below for you.

  • Chocobo Racing
  • Triple Triad (Completing the weekly challenges)
  • Jumbo Cactpot (Weekly Lottery)

Mini Cactpot MGP Farming Tips | Best Strategies

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Mini Cactpot might take some players a while to get used to when they first try it out, and in order to maximize your MGP gains you will have to know how it works. To earn the big MGP rewards you will need to aim for a sum of six, 21, 23, or 24. The Sum is the total value of all numbers added up on a line that you choose.

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There are a few methods that can be beneficial to employ after you have revealed a few numbers. If a line has high values such as seven and then another high value somewhere else on the line, then that could be a great pick for trying to hit one of the high Sums. Another way to try and make a good guess is to choose the line which has extremely low values to try and get the Sum of six.

Of course, you could also decide to use a FFXIV Cactpot Solver website online that players sometimes use to increase their chances. You would input numbers revealed on the specific tiles (corresponding to the actual Mini Cactpot structure) and then choose the line in-game which turns green/a different color on the website. There isn’t an absolute guarantee of a full win but it is all based on maths and probabilities.

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Now that you know how to farm MGP quickly in the FFXIV Make It Rain event, you can begin to gather up all of the precious rewards from the Gold Saucer attendants after winning a lot of the currency.

- This article was updated on July 3rd, 2023

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