FFXIV Server Issues: How to Fix Error 3001

Fixing the latest error for Final Fantasy XIV!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV is now in the early-access phase of the long-awaited expansion Endwalker. The Final Fantasy XIV community has been indulging itself in everything new the game has to offer. New and old players alike are making their way through the quests and levelling up while taking in the magnificent atmosphere that the experience always has had. However, some players have been having issues with an error 3001 code when they are trying to join a world. This guide article will inform you how to fix the Final Fantasy XIV Error 3001 and what the error actually is.

What the Error 3001 Is

The error itself relates to a (most likely) server-side issue that commonly happens when a vast number of players are trying to join the world. The server gets a bit overloaded and/or has issues on the servers. In turn, an error code fires and one of these is the ‘Error 3001’ and you as the player won’t be able to join the world because of that error code. Some players have also been reporting that it only happens to one of their characters rather than several.

However, there are common fixes that can be deployed by yourself for your platform. The following fix in this article will be sure to assist in hopefully clearing the issue for you and you will be able to join the world once again and begin levelling up your characters.

How to fix Final Fantasy XIV Error 3001

In order to fix the error, firstly attempt to switch worlds as this has fixed the issue for certain players. If that didn’t seem to work, try switching data centres back and forth and there is a chance you will get into a world. Furthermore, a game restart or a platform restart may also be beneficial to make sure that it is definitely the server-side issue.

These methods should stop the error from occurring and you can get to collecting all of your prized mounts and experiencing the update with everyone else. As with any errors, the developer team is more than likely working on fixing them as soon as they appear, especially for defects that stop the players from progressing with the game and actually joining the worlds to play it.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

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