FFXIV x Fall Guys Event: Release Date, Minigames, and Gold Saucer Update

Witness an odd crossover between FFXIV and Fall Guys!

by Marc Magrini , Noah Nelson
Image: Epic Games

Battle Royales and MMOs are two game genres filled to the brim with crossover content. That fact is only becoming more apparent thanks to the upcoming Fall Guys collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV.

Both titles are receiving new content to varying degrees, though the extent of these additions is still unknown. We do know when these events are taking place and a few of the details regarding them. Let’s dive into it!

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FFXIV x Fall Guys Collaboration Release Dates and Content

The Fall Guys side of this FFXIV cross-over starts on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 and ends on Tuesday, October 3, 2023. There is a special Warriors of Light costume set available as part of the Fame Pass.

The costumes include visages based on the Alphinaud and Alisaie characters, the Goobbue, Namazu, Fat Chocobo, and Fat Black Chocobo species, and the White Mage job.

There’s also a Dragoon’s Costume to enjoy, Spriggan Cap and Moogle Cap to collect, and some exciting emotes and patterns. There’s the Most Gentlemanly Pose Emote, Lali Ho Emote, and From Sprout to Mentor Celebration. For patterns, there are Minions of Eorzea and Meteor.

Image: Square Enix

The FFXIV Fall Guys event is coming on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, the same day as patch 6.5. Along with several other non-Fall Guys related updates, players can expect an update to the Gold Saucer that adds a Fall Guys-styled battle royale mode, complete with obstacles and platforming challenges.

The FFXIV Fall Guys collaboration literally looks like, and will likely play like, Fall Guys in FFXIV. There will likely be a few twists and turns, but it looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try it out.

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While information on FFXIV’s additions is lacking, practically every prior collaboration has included costumes or minions as rewards, so players can likely expect those to show up during the update.

While Fall Guys collaborations usually only include costumes, there have also been entirely new stages added as part of previous crossovers. I doubt that will happen, but there may be some fun custom creative maps that are loosely inspired by FFXIV.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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