FFXVI Belphegor Hunt Location: Where to Find The Broken Hilt in Rosaria

Broken Hilt of Rosaria Location for the Belphegor Hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Belphegor Location Final Fantasy 16
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Final Fantasy 16 includes a feature that tasks players with hunting down specific monsters called Notorious Marks. These Notorious Marks offer many experience points, rare materials, and Renown to be turned in at the Hideaway. One of the first Notorious Mark players who will have the opportunity to go up against is Belphegor in the Broken Hilt of Rosaria. Hidden well away, this beast can be challenging to find. This guide will cover where to find Belphegor in the Broken Hilt in Rosaria.

Where to Find the Broken Hilt in Rosaria Location for the Belphegor Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

Players must complete the 29th mission in Final Fantasy 16 — The Gathering Storm — to unlock the Hunt Board. Once the Hunt Board is available for use, there will be three options available right away, which one is Belphegor. Belphegor can be found south of the Eastpool fast-travel Obelisk. Players can find the exact location of Belphegor in the image I have attached below.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You will find Belphegor flying around against the mountainside and at the edge of the dead end shown on the map. Run up to it and prepare to fight. Belphegor is considered a B Rank, so it won’t be as challenging as other Notorious Marks — but this doesn’t mean it will be an easy fight.

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How to Beat Belphegor Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16

Belphegor has three attacks that players must look out for. The Fireball can easily be dodged using the evade (R1) button at the correct time. This Fireball can sometimes split up into three pieces making timing on evading more critical than ever. Next, Belphegor has a claw attack where he will swing his claw and then finish the attack off with a swipe of its tail. Ensure you are ready to dodge that final tail attack, which can do significant damage.

Lastly, when the beast reaches below half HP, it will use a Flamethrower. I found it best to get as much distance between you and Belphegor during this attack as it seems almost impossible to dodge.

Once you defeat Belphegor, you will be rewarded with 20 Renown and 8,000 Gil. Players can use their Renown by heading to the Patron’s Whisper on the left-hand side of the Hunt Board at Hideaway.

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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