How to Get Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16

Here is where you can find Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Gelatinous Mass Location Final Fantasy 16
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Gelatinous Mass is a valuable crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 that can be challenging to locate. Players can use this rare material to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets — a top-tier armor piece that significantly increases defense. So since Gelatinous Mass is so rare, where can players find it? This guide will cover how to get Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Find Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16

Players can find Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16 by fighting and defeating the mini-boss Flan Prince Notorious Mark. At the Hideaway, head up to the Hunt Board to get information on this boss’s location — labeled as Muddy Murder on the board. The Hunt Board doesn’t become available until players complete the mission “The Gathering Storm” (the 29th mission), which occurs after the 5-year time leap. The Muddy Murder Hunt quest becomes available on the Hunt Board a little further into the main story.

You can find Flan Prince Notorious Mark in South Rosaria in the Hawks Dry Cliff region. Check out the image below for the exact location of this mini-boss to get Gelatinous Mass (where my yellow marker lies). Instead of going directly into the Amber, veer to the left.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Beat the Flan Prince Notorious Mark Boss

Before fighting the Flan Prince, stock up on potions and hi-potions by purchasing them from the Merchant in the Hideaway. You can also buy additional items from the Merchant, such as tonics, that focus on improving defense and offense. Also, it would be wise to visit the Blacksmith and check to see if any stronger weapons or upgrades are available. I check in with the Blacksmith every time I visit Hideaway as, more often than not, there is a way to improve my armor and weapons!

The Flan Prince is a demanding boss who falls under Rank A — so be prepared to heal a lot. Keep your distance and dash when appropriate, finding the right time to strike. He will take some time to defeat, but patience is critical.

Once you defeat the boss, you’ll earn 12,000 Gil and the Gelatinous Mass you sought to acquire. Head back to the Blacksmith in Hideaway to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets.

- This article was updated on June 22nd, 2023

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