FFXVI Grimalkin Hunt Location: Where is The Cattery in Dhalmekia?

Learn how to find Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Grimalkin Location Final Fantasy 16
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Finding the Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16 can be a difficult task. This beast is a well-hidden Notorious Mark, deep in the desert area. This hunt will become available at the Hunt Board once players start the Out of the Shadow main quest, and the only hint provided to you is that Grimalkin is somewhere in an area called The Cattery. If you’re having trouble finding The Cattery — we got you covered. This guide will cover the location of The Cattery and where you can discover Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Find The Cattery and Locate Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can find Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16 in The Cattery Region of Dhalmekia. Use The Jaw fast-travel Obelisk and head north until you find a path on the right hand side. Following the eastern path will lead you through a valley packed with enemies, where at the end of this valley is a large open area where Grimalkin will be waiting up on the mountainside. Walk into this area, and the Notorious Mark will begin. Use the image attached to this guide for the exact position of Grimalkin in The Cattery.

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Tips to Beat Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16

Grimalkin is a Rank C meaning it’s a relatively easy fight (I was level 30). When the battle begins, you’ll be put up against a group of wolf enemies who are pretty straightforward. Try to take these guys out without losing a chunk of your HP, considering you’ll need enough for the actual battle.

Grimalkin will use the typical physical attacks that can easily be evaded using the dodge button (R1). Once the enemy’s HP gets to about half, it will start to use some crazy physical combos on you — where you must be on your toes and ready to do a series of dodges not to get hit. Keep evading until you find the right time to strike. Repeat these steps, and you should defeat Grimalkin in no time.

The reward for beating Grimalkin is as follows: 500 experience points, 45 Ability Points, 6,100 Gil, 10 Renown, and one Grimalkin Hide. Use the Grimalkin Hide at the Blacksmith for crafting purposes, while the Renown can be traded in at the Patron’s Whisper at the Hideaway.

- This article was updated on June 27th, 2023

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