FFXVI Severian Hunt Location: Where to Look North of Sorrowise

Are you trying to find Severian North of Sorrowise in Final Fantasy XVI?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XVI has a lot of Notorious Marks to track down throughout the game and the Severian hunt can confuse players for where to search. While trying to find a place “north of Sorrowise”, you may think it is entirely outside of the core area. This article will take you through exactly where the Severian is in Final Fantasy XVI.

Severian Hunt Location in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

I recommend fast traveling to the “Martha’s Rest” Obelisk in Rosaria, since this is the closest fast travel point to Sorrowise. Use the elevator at the west side of Martha’s Rest to head down to the swamp/field area around Sorrowise. Take a right turn at the first opportunity you can and then loop around the back. You will run into Severian while you do so and will start the encounter.

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The battle with Severian won’t cause you too many issues but I recommend staying back from them and then using Phoenix Shift to rush in and get a few hits off when you can. These type of Fallen enemies can be lethal at close range, so having well-timed dodges with Phoenix Shifts (dashes) will help you immensely.

Rewards for the Severian Hunt in Final Fantasy 16

The general rewards for the Severian are 8500 Gil and 20 Renown so you will get a nice little amount of Renown for your efforts overall. However, you will also be given one Electrum which can be used as one of the crafting materials for the Drakeslayer’s Belt. While you are progressing the story be sure to deal with this hunt early on so you can get the Electrum.

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Now that you know where the Severian Hunt location is in Final Fantasy XVI, you can get back into the marshes and deal with them yourself.

- This article was updated on July 28th, 2023

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