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Final Fantasy 14: How to Unlock Count Charlemend Custom Deliveries in the Firmament

A Skybuilder's work never ends.

by Brandon Adams


Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5 has added another character for players to complete Custom Deliveries for: The Count Charlemend de Durendaire in Ishgard’s Firmament. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Ishgardian Restoration you have a sizeable number of side quests ahead of you if you wish to assist the good Count and Francel. I’ve gone back and worked out exactly which side quest chains you need to pursue if you simply want to unlock the latest Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy 14.

Complete 15 side quests in the Firmament to unlock Count Charlemend’s Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy 14.

Assuming you have not unlocked either Custom Deliveries or the Firmament, you will need to first head to Mor Dhona and speak with Lydirlona in Rowena’s House of Splendors (X: 22.4, Y: 6.8). Complete Go West, Craftsman to unlock access to Custom Deliveries in general.

You will then head to Ishgard and either unlock access to the Firmament (if you have not already done so), or you will enter and find the set of side quests you need to resume, listed a little further below. For those of you new to the Ishgardian Restoration, simply interact with the Recruitment Notice in Foundation (X: 9.7, Y: 11.5), an complete the Towards the Firmament quest to get started.


Excluding Towards the Firmament, there are 15 quests you have to complete to access the side quest, You Can Count on It, that unlocks Count Charlemend’s Custom Delivers. There are far, far more side quests available in the Firmament, so to stay on track follow the outline below to reach the required quests for You Can Count on It (which are bolded). If you don’t see any quests, speak with Augebert next to the Skybuilder’s Board to trigger a cutscene, then access to the missing quests.

  • Speak with Foncrineau (X: 11.0, Y: 14.4) to start A Home in the Firmament.
    • Follow this quest chain > A Home in the Firmament > Overseer for a Day > Shadow of an Icy Past > To Thaw a Frozen Heart > The Making of a Market > Dealings in the Desert > A Parley with Pirates > May Featherfall Flourish > The Brume Lifts
  • Speak with Francel (X: 12.2, Y: 11.4) to start Not by Bread Alone after completing May Featherfall Flourish.
    • Francel’s Fervent Wish > An Unexpected Symphony > Smiles Cross the Sky.

Now that you have all three of the prerequisite quests for You Can Count on It out of the way, speak with Francel (X: 11.0, Y: 14.5) once more in the Firmament to grab the quest. Complete it to unlock Count Charlemend’s Custom Deliveries in the Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is available now on PC and PlayStation 4, and an official PlayStation 5 version is currently in beta.

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