Final Fantasy 16 Pandemonium Hunt Location

This guide will cover the Pandemonium hunt location in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Pandemonium Hunt Location Final Fantasy 16
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Notorious Marks are a great way to claim many experience points and level up quickly in Final Fantasy XVI. Each Notorious Mark falls under a specific rank — ranging from rank C to S. The former is the easiest to beat, while the latter is much more challenging and offers higher rewards. Pandemonium is an S-rank offering rare crafting material and high experience points. However, this beast can be difficult to find, so we are here to help. This guide will cover the hunt location of Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16

Pandemonium Hunt Location in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players looking for Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16 should head to the Shadow Coast fast-travel Obelisk in the Southwestern Ash Deadlands. The image attached to this guide shows where you can find the Shadow Coast Obelisk on the world map.

Head northwest from the Shadow Coast Obelisk and proceed through Wolfdarr until you find a path to the left. Continue down this path until you come to an area that resembles an arena — where Pandemonium will be waiting for you. Pandemonium will come out through the gate, and the battle will commence. Use the image below for the exact location of where to find Pandemonium.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Beat Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16

Players should look out for a couple of attacks when fighting Pandemonium. First, Sanguine Fields will have Pandemonium conjure large orbs in a circle formation representing an area that will cause an explosion. When this happens, run outside of this area before the explosion occurs to avoid getting hit — make sure to be quick.

Next, Rictus of Horror will have Pandemonium shooting off a beam with considerable damage. Make sure to dodge to the side when the beams shoot toward you — but be prepared to be patient as the attack has a long charge-up time.

Knowing how to evade these two attacks should be enough for you to defeat Pandemonium. Dodge the physical attacks and keep an eye out for Rictus of Horror and Sanguine Fields, and you should be golden. I was level 42 when I took down this S-rank Notorious Mark and had some trouble, but I still managed to come out on top — so I recommend level 42 or above for this fight. Also, Ifrit Abilities work well against Pandamonium’s moveset, so I recommend having those equipped before trekking to this battle.

Once you defeat Pandemonium, you will be rewarded with 15000 EXP, 120 Ability Points, 1x Stained Loincloth, 20,000 Gil, and 50 Renown.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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