How to Use Ifrit Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

This guide will cover how to use and unlock Ifrit abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Ifrit Abilities Final Fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 has no shortage of abilities. There are eight Eikons that Clive will be able to acquire abilities from — each having its strengths and purpose. Ifrit, one of the fire Eikons, possesses some of the most devastating skills you can get in the game. These abilities consist of Limit Break, Will-o’-the-Wykes, and Ignition. This guide will walk you through unlocking Ifrit’s abilities for Clive and using them in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Use Ifrit’s Fire Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

Ifrit’s abilities are some of the best Final Fantasy 16 has to offer. They deal significant damage while letting Clive be quick on his feet to evade blows from the enemy. Below you will find all of Ifrit’s Abilities, their descriptions, and how to use them.

Ifrit AbilityDescriptionHow to Use
Limit BreakUse L3+R3 when the Limit Break guage is filled to semi-prime, improving battler performance for a short period of time.The yellow meter under your health bar will fill up as you deal damage to enemies. Activate it when it’s ready by pressing down on both analog sticks.
Will-o’-the-WykesSummon a storm of fireballs that circle about Clive, damaging nearby targets, while also absorbing damage.Equip this to one of Clives ability slots in the “Gear and Eikons” section. Use the Square or Triangle Button (whichever you equipped it to).
IgnitionAttack while charging, inflicting multiple hits and forcing the enemy back. Can be used in midair.Equip this to one of Clives ability slots in the “Gear and Eikons” section. Use the Square or Triangle Button (whichever you equipped it to).

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There are ways to make the most out of Ifrit’s abilities mentioned above. First, Limit Break is a great way to deal significant damage with the swing of your sword — making each slice stronger than when Limit Break was not activated. It also helps a lot for staggering your opponents. I recommend only using this on bigger enemies instead of the little guys.

Next, Will-o’-the-Wykes is excellent for getting up close and personal with an enemy and dealing additional damage while absorbing any attacks the enemy lays on you. I use this, especially when an enemy is staggered and stationary on the ground, increasing the amount of stagger damage I do. The great thing about this ability is that it’s all passive damage, meaning you don’t have to do much except get close to the enemy.

Finally, Ignition is great when you use it toward a group of enemies. Shooting yourself into a crowd will have them all burning and taking damage as a result. It can be hard to use sometimes as you must line yourself up, so position yourself properly before activating this ability.

How to Unlock Ifrit’s Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Players can unlock Ifrit’s abilities after completing quest 22 — Buried Memories. Then, they are officially available to purchase with ability points and equip at the start of the following quest — The Meaning of Life.

Unlocking all three of Ifrit’s abilities costs the player around 5,000 Ability points, which should take a reasonable amount of time, so completing as many side quests as possible to gain experience points fast is highly recommended. The Limit Break ability has been the most useful for me, so you should unlock that first and foremost.

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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