Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Turn On Mini-Map

A quick button press will fix it.

by Dean James

Main Menu screen

While not a large open world like Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake has plenty of locations for you to explore. This means that having a map can come in very handy when figuring out where to go. You can always use the full map to help you, but it’s definitely easier to utilize the mini-map. However, it can be easy to accidentally turn off the mini-map and not realize how to turn it back on, so we created this guide to explain how to turn on and off the mini-map.

How To Turn On Mini-Map

You will always have access to a full map during the game, which you can access by simply pressing the touchpad to bring it up. While that can be nice, it’s not always as useful as having the mini-map right there on the screen with you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake actually has two forms of a mini-map that you can use, one is the traditional type mini-map that’s in the top right corner of the screen at all times if turned on. The other is a waypoint type marker that’s only directional based, as seen in games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

If you’re like me, you’ll all of a sudden look at the screen and realize there’s no map on the screen. My first thought was maybe this part just didn’t have one, but what ended up happening was I had hit a button on the controller that I didn’t realize I did and had turned the mini-map off entirely.

If you ever find yourself with the mini-off, want to switch to the directional style, or even have it on and want to turn it off, simply press L2. Pressing L2 goes through a rotation of mini-map, directional map, and nothing. So just keep pressing it until you get the desired style and you will be good to go.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023