First to Fight, First to Die: Should You Arrest or Kill Paxton Hull in Starfield?

Don't overthink too much about whether you should kill or arrest Paxton Hull in Starfield.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Should You Arrest or Kill Paxton Hull
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The Freestar Rangers questline exposes you to one of the most horrendous conspiracies in the galaxy during your playthrough of Starfield. It leads you to many deadly avenues and confrontations with seedy elements of the settled systems, but as you go deeper, you learn things you might not have wanted to know. In what started as an investigation of mercenaries attacking a farm with a stolen HopeTech ship, you find yourself head-to-head with the powerful Major Paxton Hull of The First. But this raises an important question when talking to him: Should you arrest or kill Paxton Hull in Starfield?

Should You Arrest or Kill Paxton Hull in Starfield?

Despite it seeming like a possible alternative, Paxton isn’t ready to be taken in alive, so you can’t really arrest him, but only kill him in Starfield. The conversation begins after you defeat him and his First goons, where you’ll see Hull kneeling on the ground. Speak to him and you’ll learn about who’s responsible for the central conspiracy of the Freestar questline, but between the options, you’ll see two final answers:

  • I’m bringing you in.
  • You don’t deserve to live.

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Either of these options results in a “you’ll never take me alive” confrontation, but the more important bit is that you’ll get the truth either way. Kill Hull, get any loot off his body, and you’ll complete “First to Fight, First to Die.”

Don’t forget, in missions like these you should always consider turning up the difficulty setting when you know there are lots of human enemies. You can potentially harvest far better loot, making this mission a particularly rewarding one. Once you’ve taken down the members of The First holed up in the Freestar mech factory, your sights will be turned to one singular person responsible for the suffering of so many farmers in the Freestar Collective.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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