Fortnite Build-a-Brella – How to Create a Custom Umbrella

Drop off the battle bus in style.

by Diego Perez
Fortnite Build-a-Brella Custom Umbrella

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has made some dramatic changes to the popular battle royale, flooding the majority of the map and letting players ride sharks all over the place. One of the more overlooked new features in Fortnite Season 3, however, is the addition of the Build-a-Brella, which allows players to customize their very own personal victory umbrella. You can customize just about every aspect of your umbrella, from the trail effects color to the canopy color, but you need to level up the Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock new parts for it. This is a complete guide to the Build-a-Brella in Fortnite Season 3, including everything you need to know about unlocking new umbrella customization options.

How to Use the Build-a-Brella

To start customizing your Build-a-Brella, head to the Battle Pass tab on the lobby screen. There, you should see a button prompt with the words “Build-a-Brella” next to it. Press the button to get started. When you first start out, you’ll have a very plain looking umbrella, but you’ll be able to make it your own as you level up the Season 3 Battle Pass and complete various challenges to get new customization options. Half of the umbrella parts are restricted to a certain Battle Pass level, and the other half are locked behind challenges that have yet to be revealed. These will go live every week starting next week, so be sure to log back in regularly to continue customizing your Build-a-Brella.

How to Unlock Fortnite Umbrella Customization Options

Some of the customization options require you to reach a certain level of the Season 3 Battle Pass, while the rest will be unlocked by completing challenges that will be added to the game throughout Season 3.

  • Topper – Reach Level 15
  • Shaft – Reach Level 35
  • Canopy – Reach Level 55
  • Bottom Cap – Reach Level 75
  • Trail Effects Color – Reach Level 95
  • Topper Color – Complete challenge starting June 25
  • Shaft Color – Complete challenge starting July 2
  • Canopy Primary Color – Complete challenge starting July 9
  • Bottom Cap Color – Complete Challenge starting July 16
  • Canopy Secondary Color – Complete challenge starting July 23

The Build-a-Brella Fortnite challenges will start to go live next Thursday, and a new one will be released each week. It’s currently unclear what they’re about, but there’s a chance some of them might revolve around those cars shown off in the Season 3 trailer. Regardless, the Season 3 Battle Pass is full of cool cosmetic items to unlock, and leveling it up to unlock all of the umbrella customization options will take quite some time. Go out there, win some games, and get a head start so you’re ready to complete the umbrella challenges when they come out.