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Fortnite Find 2 Hidden Shortcuts in Downtown Drop

Look for the sewer holes to get this challenge down quickly.

by William Schwartz


The latest challenge in Fortnite’s Downtown Drop LTM tasks players with finding 2 hidden shortcuts in the map.  The reward for doing so the Epic Drift Back Board.  This challenge in Downtown Drop is fairly straight forward and there are way more than two shortcuts in the map.  The easiest way to get this challenge completed is by heading down the sewer holes that are found throughout the map, but that’s not the only way to do it.

Fortnite Downtown Drop Shortcut #1


The first sewer drain is located on the first straightaway.  Right at the start of the map you see a van that about to fall into a hole in the street.  You want to go in this hole and then slide down the sewer pipe to find the first hidden shortcut in Downtown Drop.

Fortnite Downtown Drop Shortcut #2


To finish up this challenge you’re going to keep your eyes out for another sewer entrance.  This one is located on the third straightaway.  Just after the pipe that is gushing water you’ll find a second sewer hole in the middle of the street.  Head into this sewer to hit shortcut #2 and complete the challenge.

There is more than one way to complete this challenge and numerous shortcuts in the downtown drop map.  This guide explains two easy ways to complete this challenge on your first lap.  Once you’ve completed this challenge you will earn another new Back Board item.  This one is the pink Drift Back Board, which is an Epic cosmetic item that can be equipped in the Locker.

Downtown drop features new challenges everyday through the duration of the mode.  The challenges are different each day and range from finding Jonesy cardboard cut-outs to doing trick jumps, or finding hidden letters in the Downtown Drop map.

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