Fortnite How to Collect Shoes

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In Fortnite’s LTM crossover with Jordan Brand they’ve introduced the Downtown Drop and a series of challenges.   Some of them are a little bit obscure, like finding Jonesy for example.  One challenge asks players to collect shoes, alongside two other items (coin & basketball) in one Downtown Drop match.  There’s also another challenge in Downtown Drop that tasks you with collecting 50 shoes as well.

The Downtown Drop has players grinding downhill through a city with Fortnite coins, littered throughout the map.  Among these coins are gold shoes that simply need to run over to collect and complete the challenge.    There are multiple ways to go about collecting shoes in Fortnite’s Downtown Drop.  You can do it the legit way, or you can cheese it.

Collect Shoes in Fortnite Downtown Drop

You’re simply going to need to keep an eye out for shoes while grinding around the downtown drop and there are really only a few places to look.  There are two gold shoes in alley ways on the left side of the map, one where Jonesy is located and the other is near the starting area.  The other shoes are located in below ground areas that you can access by dropping into holes in the street.

Fortnite Shoe Location #1

The first will be on the second straight away down a stairway on the right side.


Fortnite Shoe Location #2 & #3


If you head into this lower area instead of heading towards the finish line elevator area you can pick up 2 gold shoes.  The first is immediate found in the area of the image above.  Then be on the lookout for a second shoe that is in the sewer system.  You’ll need to hop up to snag the third shoe while making your way out of the sewers.

Fortnite Shoe Location #4


The fourth shoe that you can collect is right next to Jonesy behind the gate on the third straight away.  If you’re having trouble finding this one, just use the video below to find it.

Fortnite Shoe Location #5


The fifth shoe is located after you’ve already made one lap around the Downtown Drop track.  However, instead of going off of one of the three ramps you see when get to the top of the elevator, you’ll hook a right by the basketball hoop to collect the shoe #5.

If you don’t feel like playing the Downtown Drop a few times to complete the challenges, you can always create them yourself by heading into the Creative Mode.

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