Fortnite: How to Harvest Wood at Logjam Lumberyard

Here is where you can locate Logjam Lumberyard to harvest wood toward your challenge.

by Elliott Gatica


Fortnite has just kicked off its newest Chapter, meaning the whole island and everything around it has gone through some major changes. Of course, keeping up with the alliteration in every named location, there are location-specific challenges. One of them has to do with harvesting wood at this location for a challenge. Here is how you harvest wood at Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite.

How to harvest wood at Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite

In order to even do this challenge, you have to locate Logjam Lumberyard on the map. If you’re just starting out, all the locales are greyed out and labeled with a triple question mark “???”. This locale is on the northwest part of the map in a snowy area. If you unlock the place for the first time, you’ll be rewarded XP that goes towards your battle pass.


This area is on the outer parts of the map. It won’t garner too much foot traffic other than some stragglers and bots. This area is also swarming with more than enough wood for an entire squad to complete the challenge.

Luckily, since wood is the easiest material to come by, the challenge will eventually unlock if you naturally land in the area in many of your game instances.

You’ll need to harvest 500 wood for this challenge. To complete this in one fell swoop, you should aim for those blue circles as you harvest the material from the objects. This destroys them faster but also gives you the materials at a faster rate.


This will also ensure that if there are other people at the site, you have some materials to at least defend yourself. As long as the challenge is active, there will be people populating the area so they can get more XP and stars for their Battle Passes to unlock things like Spiderman and his various suits.

Fortnite is out now for free on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 7th, 2021

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