Fortnite Klomberry Locations: Throw a Klomberry While Standing Within 10 Meters of a Klombo Challenge Guide

Here is where to find a Klombos, where to find Klomberries, and how to feed them to it.

by Noah Nelson


The all-new Klombos in Fortnite needs Klomberries to munch on. And, in order to snag the “Feed 5 Klomberries to a Klombos” Milestone Quest and the “Throw a Klomberry while standing within 10 meters of a Klombos” Season Quest, you’ll need to know where to find Klomberries. Here are the Klomberry locations in Fortnite.

If you’re looking for more information on Klombos, like if you can ride it, be sure to check out our Fortnite guides. We have all sorts of stuff, like how to eliminate the IO guards (which is a guide that will give you 50K XP by the end of it) and so much more.


Fortnite Klomberry Locations

Naturally, a Klombos’s favorite food is a Klomberry. They are relatively easy to find as they are scattered around the map and are especially easy to get near a Klombos. They sprout out of the ground and look like blue raspberries. You can be selfish and eat it yourself to heal a little, or you can give it to the cute and innocent Klombos.

In order to get the Milestone Quest and the Season Quest, you’ll need to feed Klombos some Klomberries. After you’ve collected a few, all you need to do is equip the berries, aim for the Klombos, and hit the fire button. If you put them in front of the Klombos, it will suck up the berries and shoot out ammo and Med Kits from its blowhole.

Fortnite Where to Find Klombos

Of course, before you are able to feed a Klombos, you’ll need to find one. They are big, noisy, and rambunctious, so they are hard to miss, but you’ll need to be looking in the right spot. As of right now, a Klombos can be found in five different parts of the map.

  • North of The Joneses
  • South of Greasy Grove and west of Chonker’s Speedway just west of the little lake
  • North of Logjam Lumberyards along the shore
  • South of Coney Crossroads
  • Along the shore northeast of Daily Bugle

Once you’ve found a Klombos, be sure not to attack it. They are not hostile by nature but will retaliate with damaging stomps and lava spouts from their blowhole. If you’re careful, when a Klombos is calm, you can climb up its tail and use its blowhole to redeploy elsewhere.

And that is everything you need to know about the Klombos. For more, stick with Attack of the Fanboy.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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