Fortnite: Where is the Driftwood and How to Land?

Everything you need to know about The Driftwood

by Kara Phillips


Chapter 3, Season 4 of Fortnite, has introduced numerous new locations for players to explore. But just as you think you’re getting comfortable, one of the newest locations — The Driftwood — has set sail to a new area on the map. Rather than residing in the comfort of the map’s northeast, players are now being sent on a wild goose chase to relocate this airship, especially as the clock is ticking on some integral in-game quests. Read on to find out everything you need about The Driftwood’s new location and how you can land there.

The Driftwood’s New Location in Fortnite

At the launch of  Chapter 3, Season 4, the Driftwood could be found anchored over Lustrous Lagoon, but since Chrome is rapidly taking over, it has since had to set sail and port at a different location on the map. So players looking to utilize this location to get a leg up will have to set their sights on a separate area of the map.


The Driftwood can now be located almost entirely opposite its original location and has anchored between Rocky Reels and Greasy Grove, to the northwest of Flutter Barn. It’s easy to spot due to the two black balloons attached to what looks like a pirate ship, so for a new player looking to land, keep your eyes open for the balloons. Although The Driftwood has only just lowered its anchor again, it’s hard to believe that the location won’t change again as Chrome spreads across the entire map.

How to Land on The Driftwood

The best way to land on The Driftwood in its new location is by riding the battle bus until you can comfortably depart and head northwest of Flutter Barn or to the west of Rocky Reels. It’s a relatively simple location to land on, which you’ll need to do for several in-game quests. Riding the zipline up to the location will not count toward quest competition, so you must line up your path before jumping from the bus at the beginning of the match. Aim for the ship’s deck and the landing is a given almost every time.

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

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