Full Sun Haven Museum Checklist – How to obtain all Alters

Ultimate guide for Museums and Altars.

by Christian Bognar
Sun Haven Museum and Altar Checklist
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Sun Haven is a farming simulation role-playing game with magical elements added into the mix. One magical part of the game is the Altars at Dynus, the moon dragon of the game. If you look to defeat Dynus, you can fight him head-on or make offerings to all nine of his altars. This will help save the world of Sun Haven, but there is another way to help—through Museums. This guide will walk you through all nine Altars and Museums, required items, and rewards.

How to Obtain all Alters and Museums in Sun Haven

Below you will find grids for all nine Alters. Read on further for Museums in order to complete them all and bring peace to Sun Haven.

Altar of Keepsakes

Required ItemWhere to Get
Adventure KeepsakeBuy from Weapon Merchant.
Riches KeepsakeBuy from Weapon Merchant.
Romance KeepsakeBuy from Romance Merchant
Peace KeepsakeBuy from Sylvius

Reward: Phantom Plate Helmet.

Altar of Fruit

Required ItemsWhere to Get
20x RaspberriesFound from trees in Nel’Vari.
10x PeachFound from trees in Nel’Vari.
20x OrangeFound from trees in east and west forest.
20x BlueberriesFound from trees in west forest to Nel’vari and dropped from Hornsnakes.
10x BerryFound on the ground in forests.
20x AppleFound from trees in your farm.

Reward: Butterfly Ring.

Altar of Foraging

Required ItemsWhere to Get
300x LogObtained from cutting down trees.
30x Fire CrystalFound from Sun Haven Mines on floor 22-30. Also dropped by Fire Sprite.
30x Earth CrystalFound on the ground at Quarry and on the ground in East and West Forest. Also dropped by Rock Sprite.
30x Water CrystalFound on the ground at East Forest and inside Sun Haven Mines on floor 6. Also Dropped by Water Sprite.
10x Sand DollarFound on the ground at the Beach.

Reward: Phantom Plate Legs.

Altar of Gold

Required ItemsWhere to Get
100,000 CoinsObtained from loot, selling items, and chests.
10x Gold BarSmelted from Gold Ore in the Furnace.

Reward: Phantom Cape. Use our money guide to get 100,000 coins quickly.

Altar of Cooking

Required ItemsWhere to Get
CheesecakeCraft at cooking pot or buy from Cafe.
Spicy RamenCraft at cooking pot or buy from Cafe.
Sesame Rice BallCraft at cooking pot or buy from Cafe.
PizzaCraft at cooking pot or buy from Cafe.
CookieCraft at cooking pot or buy from Bakery.
CoffeeBuy from Cafe.
Tomato SoupCraft at cooking pot or buy From Bakery.
Shimmerroot TreatCraft at cooking pot or buy from Cafe.
Energy SmoothieCraft at cooking pot or buy from Sylvius.

Reward: Phantom Plate Gloves.

Altar of Mining

Required ItemsWhere to Get
999x StoneMine Stones on Farm or Sun Haven Mine.
50x CoalMine Stones on Farm or Sun Haven Mine Coal Node.
100x Copper OreFound in Sun Haven Mine or buy from Mining Merchant.
10x SapphireFound on floor 1 of Sun Haven Mine or buy from Mining Merchant.
10x RubyFound on floor 9 of Sun Haven Mine or buy from Mining Merchant.
10x AmethystSun Haven Mine: Amethyst Node.
5x DiamondFound on floor 29 of Sun haven Mine
5x HeveniteSun Haven Mine: Havenite Node.

Reward: King’s Lost Mine Key.

Altar of Farming

Required ItemsWhere to Get
30x WheatFarming by using wheat seeds from the general store.
30x CornFarming corn seeds from the General store.
30x PotatoesFarming potatoe seeds from General Store.
30x TomatoFarming tomato seeds from General Store.
30x CarrotFarming carrot seeds from General Store.
30x PepperFarming pepper seeds from General Store
30x OnionFarming onion seeds from General Store.
30x GreenrootFarming greenroot seeds from General Store.
30x Honey FlowerFarming Honey Flower seeds from General Store.
30x RiceFarming Rice Seeds from General Store.

Reward: Phantom Chest Plate.

Altar of Fishing

Required ItemsWhere to Get
DoradoFish at any fishing spot in Sun Haven.
DuoradoFish at any fishing spot in Withergate.
CrabFish from Sun Haven in the Sea, West Forest using small fishing nets.
Sea BassFish from Sun Haven using small Fishing Nets.
Gold FishFish from Sun Haven in Farm, Town, West, Forest using any type of fishing net.
Bonemouth BassFish any spot in Withergate.
ChromafishFish from Sun Haven in Farm, Town, and West Forest.
Golden CarpFish from Sun Haven in Town and Sea.
FlamefishFish from Nel’vari at any fishing spot.
PurrmaidFish from Withergate in City, Forest, and Midnight Isle.
Crystal TetraFish from Nel’Vari in City.
Sky RayFish from Nel’Vari in Elven Forest.

Reward: King Minos’ Emblem. Use our fishing guide for the best fishing spots.

Altar of Tickets

Required ItemsWhere to Get
5000x TicketsSelling items, quests, etc.

Reward: Cerberus Mount Whistle.

Museums, Halls, Bundles, and Rewards

Below is a grid of all three of the Hall of Museums bundles. Bring these items to the Museums located in Sun Haven and get rewarded. Players can find most of these items just by playing the game and doing minimal exploration.

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Hall of Gems

BundlesRequired ItemsReward
Mana Bundle20x Mana Drop.2x Nel’Vari Mana Infuser.
Golden BundleGolden Milk, Golden Egg, Golden Wool, Golden Pomegranate, Golden Log, Golden Feather, Golden Silk, Golden Apple, Golden Orange, Golden Strawberry, Golden Blueberry, Golden Peach, Golden Raspberry.Golden Tree Seeds, Golden Tree Seeds Recipe.
Nel’Vari Mines Bundle5x Mana Shard, 5x Sparkling Dragon Scale, 5x Sharp Dragon Scale, 5x Tough Dragon Scale.Mining Skill Tome, Golden Leaf Crown.
Withergate Mines Bundle5x Candy Corn Pieces, 5x Rock Candy Gem, 5x Jawbreaker Gem, 5x Hard Butterscotch Gem.High Jumper Shoes, Candy Necklace
Gem BundleSapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond, Havenite, Dizzite, Black Diamond.Gem Trophy, Black Diamond Ring.
Bars BundleCopper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar, Adamant Bar, Mithril Bar, Sunite Bar, Elven Steel Bar, Glorite Bar.Magma Headband, Magma Chestplate, Magma Gloves, Magma Pants.
Money Bundle25,000 Coins, 1000 Mana Orbs, 1000 Tickets.Money Maker Tophat, Money Maker Coat, Money Maker Gloves, Money Maker Pants.

The Hall of Culture

BundleRequired ItemsRewards
Foraging BundleLog, Apple, Seaweed, Blueberry, Mushroom, Orange, Strawberry, Berry, Raspberry, Peach, Sand Dollar, Starfish.Large Magic Potion, Hardwood Ring, Foraging Ring.
Spring Crops BundleGrapes, Wheat, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Potato, Greenroot, Carrot, Kale, Lettuce, Cinnaberry, Pepper, Shimmeroot.Seed Maker, Advanced Magic Fertilizer Recipe, Spring Scarecrow.
Summer Crops BundleArmoranth, Guava Berry, Beet, Lemon, Chocoberry, Pineapple, Pepper, Melon, Stormelon, Durian.Keg, Advanced Magic Fertilizer, Summer Scarecrow.
Fall Crops BundleGarlic, Yam, Soda Pop, Fizzy Fruit, Cranberry, Barley, Pumpkin, Ghost Pepper, Butternut.100x Hardwood, 100x Heavystone, 1x Fall Scarecrow.
Winter Crops BundleTea Leaves, Turnip, Purple Eggplant, Heat Fruit, Marshmallow Bean, Brr-Nana, Starfruit, Hexagon Berry, Snow Pea, Snow Ball, Blizzard Berry, Balloon Fruit, Pythagorean Berry, Blue Moon Fruit, Candy Cane.20x Watermelon Vine Seeds, 1x Seed Maker, 1x Winter Scarecrow.
Flowers BundleHoney Flower, Red Rose, Blue Rose, Daisy, Orchid, Tulip, Hibiscus, Lavender, Sunflower, Lily, Lotus.3x Red Rose Bouquet, Red Rose Bouquet Recipe, 3x Blue Rose Bouquet, Blue Rose Bouquet recipe.
Exploration BundlePetrified Log, Phoenix Feather, Fairy Wings, Griffon Egg, Mana Sap, Pumice Stone, Mysterious Antler, Dragon Fang, Monster Candy, Unicorn Hair Tuft.3x Large Magic Potion, 1x Explorer’s trophy.
Combat BundleLeafie Trinket, Elite Leafie Trinket, Centapillar Trinket, Peppinch-Green Tricket, Scorpepper Trinket, Elite Scorpepper Trinket, Hat Crab Trinket, Floaty Crab Trinket, Bucket Crab Trinket, Umbrella Crab Trinket, Chimchuck Trinket, Ancient Sun Haven Sword, Ancient Nel’Varian Sword, Ancient Withergate Sword.1x Training Dummy, 1x Combat Trophy, 1x Warriors Keepsake.
Alchemy BundleMana Potion, Health Potion, Attack Potion, Speed Potion, Defense Potion, Advanced Attack Potion, Advanced Defense Potion, Advanced Spell Damage Potion, Incredible Spell Damage Potion, Incredible Attack Potion, Incredible Defense Potion.Wizard Crafting Table, Wizard’s Crafting Table Recipe.
Nel’Vari Crops BundleAcorn, Rock Fruit, Water Fruit, Fire Fruit, Walk Choy, Wind Chime, Shiiwalki Mushroom, Dragon Fruit, Mana Gem, Cat Tail, Indiglow.Walk Choy Pet, Shiiwalki Mushroom Pet.
Withergate Crops BundleKraken Kale, Tombmelon, Suckerstem, Razorstalk, Snappy Plant, Moonplant, Eggplant, Demon Orb.Pumpkin Helmet, Farming Skill Tome.
Nel’Vari Temple BundleAll 5 editions of the Origins of the Grand Tree, All 5 editions of the Origins of the Sun Haven, All 5 editions of the Origins of Dynus.10x Sun Orb Seed, Elven Health Book.


BundleRequired ItemsRequirements
Fishing BundleHandmade Bobber, Ancient Magic Staff, Bronze Dragon Relic, Old Sword Hilt, Nel’Varian Runestone, Ancient Elven Headdress, Old Mayoral Painting, Tentacle Monster Emblem, Ancient Angel Quill, Ancient Naga Crook, Ancient Almari Totem.1x Legendary Bait, Legendary Bait Recipe, 1x Fishing Trophy.
Spring Fish TankButterfly Fish, Sun Fish, Flower Flounder, Raincloud Ray, Floral Trout, Neon Tetra, Sea Horse, Painted Egg, Tadpole.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Summer Fish TankBlazeel, Hearth Angler, Scorching Squid, Magma Star, Tinder Turtle, Pyrelus, Flame Ray, Molten Slug, Searback.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Fall Fish TankCoducopia, King Salmon, Hayfish, Acorn Anchovy, Vampire Piranha, Ghostfish, Pumpkin Jelly, Pirate Perch, Autumn Leaf Sole.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Winter Fish TankFrostfin, Christmas Lightfish, Holly Carp, Jingle Brass, Frozen Tuna, Scarrffish, Heatfin, Icicle Carp, Blazing Herring.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Withergate Fish TankKraken, Water Bear, Bonemouth Bass, Mummy Trout, Deadeye Shrimp, Electric Eel, Brain Jelly, Redfinned Pincher, Sea Bat, Ghosthead Tuna, Globfish, Living Jelly, Purrmaid, Slime Leech, Goblin Shark, Moonfish, Toothy Angler, Vampire Squid, Viperfish, Albino Squid, Devilfin, Shadowtuna.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Nel’Vari Fish TankRobed Parrotfish, Axoloti, Frilled Betta, Horsefish, Flamefish, Dragon Gulper, Neapolitan Fish, Snobfish, Kelp Eel, Princerly Frog, Angelfin, Bubblefish, Crystal Tetra, Skyray.Fishing Skill Tome, Small Aquarium.
Large Fish TankPygmy Tuna, Catfish, Gold Fish, Streamline Cod, Salmon, Clownfish, Black Bass, Rainbow Trout, Popeye Goldfish, Pufferfish, Ironhead Sturgeon, Cuddlefish, Lobster, Silver Carp, Tuna, Blunted Swordfish, Ribbon Eel, Tiger Trout, Eel, Red Snapper, Carp, Redeye Piranha, Angel Fish, Whitebelly Shark, Koi Fish, Sandstone Fish.Fish Mount Whistle.

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