Genshin Impact: A Study in Potions Event Guide – Strategies and Tips

Complete short battles to earn Primogems and other rewards.

by Diego Perez


A Study in Potions is the latest Genshin Impact event, made available with the release of the version 2.4 update. This event tasks players with completing special Domains with the aid of potions that buff their team. Only the first part of the event, Dusty Wrack, is available now, but more parts will become available soon. This event is a solid way to earn some free Primogems, making this a great opportunity to earn a few more pulls if you still don’t have Shenhe or any other characters on the most recent banner. Here’s everything you need to know about the A Study in Potions event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact A Study in Potions Event

To start the event, you must first complete a quest called Elixirs and Potions, which can be started by speaking to Timaeus in Monstadt. He’ll send you over to Liyue where you can start the actual event. Once you arrive at the marked location, you’ll find a door that will lead you to the actual meat of the event.

There are four arena stages that must be completed within a certain time limit. You can do these stages in any order, but completing a stage will make the remaining stages more difficult. To aid you in battle, you can take three potions that provide various buffs on the team selection screen. Here are all four stages available in the first part of the event:

  • Stage 1: Sublimation Verification
  • Stage 2: Dosage Increase
  • Stage 3: Enhanced Sample
  • Stage 4: Peak Study

You can use any four characters on your team, but Kazuha, Yoimiya, Yun Jin, and Beidou are available as Level 80 trial characters as well. Once you use a character for a stage, they will have be unavailable for the next stage. That means you’ll need to alternate between two teams to complete this event.

A Study in Potions Tips

If you have multiple built characters, then this event should not be too difficult for you. If you’re still working on building your Genshin Impact team, however, then you’ll have to make use of the provided trial characters. Here are some tips to help you out in A Study in Potions:

  • Only use two of the trial characters at a time so two of them are always available for each stage.
  • Save the best potions for the stages that you struggle with the most.
  • You can reset your progress at any time and try harder stages first so they have weaker enemies.

Since you can reset your progress at any time, you should be able to complete all of the event challenges and earn all the free Primogems after a few attempts. Everyone’s Genshin Impact rosters will look different, so different players will struggle with different stages. Just make smart use of the trial characters and do the hardest stages first and you should be fine.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.

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