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Genshin Impact: Every Hydro Character Ranked

Genshin Impact's Hydro characters make a splash with their skills

by Holly Alice


Genshin Impact features many fighters, using one of seven Elements as their theme of attack. At present there are only four characters using Hydro, but which are the best? There are of course rumors of a new Hydro user coming out, and it is a possibility with Genshin Impact’s constantly expanding roster. For now, we have delved into the damage dealt by the established Hydro fighters.



Barbara may not be considered at the top of the game due to her having one of the lowest base attack stats. However, her skill of healing others (her build is almost entirely focused on healing), and her ability to apply Hydro moves while off the field make her a fantastic addition to any party. Her weapon of choice is Catalyst, which pairs very well with the Hydro element. Barbara has a very helpful skill: Let the Show Begin. Using this creates a Hydro ring around your current character. This heals the chosen character! Plus, any foes that should come into contact with the Ring while active are marked with the Wet status allowing for extra benefits in combat. However – be warned. Any characters afflicted with the Wet status are incredibly vulnerable to Cryo skills, including your own team. The self-proclaimed idol is a very popular character (within the game’s lore), which adds to her support healing.



Another Catalyst user is Mona Megistus. An astrologer who doesn’t mess about, Mona is regarded as a top-tier fighter choice. She can immobilize waves of enemies in one fell swoop, is incredibly mobile due to her evasion skills, and can also apply Hydro moves while off-field. A Cryo character can strengthen her disabling skills, too. Mona’s Phantom ability not only acts as a shield and protects your vital DPS characters from suffering too much damage, but it also deals Hydro damage to any enemies caught in the illusion.



Four-star Sword user Xingqui utilizes Hydro moves both on and off the field. He possesses the ability Guhua Sword that deals massive Hydro damage, while also applying the Wet status to foes that come into contact with it. A bookworm by nature, Xingqui is both a good fighter and a great supporter. His Hydro attacks can set up the fight for Vaporize reactions, and his skills can be applied to other characters.

Xingqui is a very popular choice among players due to his well-rounded skills across the board from protection to healing and to damage dealt.

Tartaglia aka Childe


Tartaglia, also known as Childe, a member of the Fatui Harbingers, is regarded as the best Hydro user in Genshin Impact. Famed for his elemental skill which turns all moves into Hydro melee attacks, Tartaglia’s bow and melee attacks also apply Hydro elements during the fight. He holds the nuke title because of his Havoc: Obliteration elemental burst. His move has two forms – bow stance and melee stance – and both deal massive Hydro damage. Tartaglia’s moves can set up great combos with Cryo and Electro elemental users, too.  The only real drawback to his character is the cooldowns that can get pretty long if not managed properly – though his benefits definitely outweigh the cost!

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.

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