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Genshin Impact Characters: A Complete List with Builds and Guides

A comprehensive collection of all the characters both available and coming soon to Genshin.

by Brandon Adams


Genshin Impact has a large roster of playable characters, and it’s only going to get bigger as the game grows over the next few years. Unlike other gacha games on the market, there are no true fodder characters in Genshin Impact. Every single one of them has a unique kit – their attacks, skills, talents – that matter more in Genshin’s action combat than they would in a more traditional gacha. Needless to say, unlocking additional characters is a big deal in Genshin Impact.

Characters can be separated into two categories: 4-star and 5-star. 4-star characters are the most common in Genshin Impact, and you get three from simply playing the story (Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya). Other 4-stars usually have to be “pulled” from a Wish: a gacha mechanic that is akin to what we’d call a lootbox here in the West. 4-stars are not super hard to pull, but their standard drop rate isn’t fantastic. 5-star characters are rarer and tend to have better kits than 4-stars, but they are seldom required to clear content in Genshin Impact. Thus far they can only be obtained via pulls, and are often only available for a limited time.

This guide has all the current characters in Genshin Impact listed in alphabetical order by region. At the bottom of the guide is a section for rumored and unreleased characters, and they’ll be given a full description when they are released. Additionally, we are working on individual character and build guides, so check back here often to see if your favorite Genshin Impact characters have one.

Released Genshin Impact Characters




This is you, the main character of Genshin Impact. You and your twin sibling (the opposite of whatever gender you chose) have traveled between multiple worlds, but you’ve found yourself stranded on the world of Teyvat after your sibling was captured by some powerful unnamed goddess. You have no idea how much time has passed between your reawakening and this battle, but you’ll stop at nothing to find your long lost sibling. The Traveler can wield elemental powers without a Vision, unlike the native residents of Teyvat who require one. You can also utilize any element you desire, so long as you visit a shrine to the respective deity first. Only Anemo and Geo are currently available to the Traveler.


Albedo (5-star)

Albedo is a master alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team for the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt. He’s soft-spoken, but an adept sword-wielder blessed with a Geo Vision. There are many mysteries surrounding his origins, and he seeks alchemical answers to the questions surrounding life itself. Albedo’s character and build guide can be found here.


Amber (4-star)

Leader of Mondstadt’s Outriders for the Knights of Favonius (and technically the only Outrider), Amber is a cheerful, energetic young woman who is an ace glider, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a kitchen. She has a Pyro Vision and utilizes a bow in combat. Her Baron Bunny isn’t the best skill out there, but it is adorable.


Barbara (4-star)

Nurse, nun, idol: these three words best describe Mondstadt’s very own Barbara, a pious healer who works for the Church of Favonius. Barbara is a chipper young lady most of the Mondstadt citizens are infatuated with. She likes to sing, and uses the power of music to heal her compatriots in battle via her catalyst and Hydro Vision.


Bennett (4-star)

Bennett is a young member of Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild notorious for his extreme bad luck. That hasn’t stopped him from exploring the world, though he’s covered in more cuts, scrapes, bruises, and scars than a teen his age should be. Thankfully his skills with a sword and his Pyro Vision help him work his way out of trouble. Bennett’s character and build guide can be found here.


Diluc (5-star)

The owner and proprietor of the Dawn Winery, Diluc is a serious man who once served with the Knights of Favonius. A past incident led to him breaking away from the Knights, but he hasn’t stopped his restless efforts to defend Mondstadt from enemies both foreign and domestic. He wields his gclaymore and Pyro Vision in the name of justice, but keeps that portion of his life a tightly guarded secret.


Diona (4-star)

Diona is the best bartender in all of Mondstadt, and she hates it. She despises alcohol and aims to topple Mondstadt’s wine industry, yet no matter how hard she tries to make the most disgusting beverage imaginable it always comes out fantastic. Because of this the Cat’s Tail tavern is one of the most popular in the land. Her cold exterior hides a more caring heart, and she uses her bow and Cryo Vision to defend her friends when called upon.


Fischl (4-star)

The Prinzessin der Verurteilung (or so she claims) Fischl is the Investigation Team’s most eclectic member. Her speech may be filled with florid language, but she means well and her night raven Oz adores her (though he knows well enough not to upset the Prinzessin). Fischl uses her bow and Electro Vision to assist the Adventurers’ Guild and the Investigation Team, but call her by any other name and she’ll turn them against you. Fischl’s character and build guide can be found here.


Jean (5-star)

Jean is the acting Grand Marshall of Mondstadt’s Knights of Favonius, and her constant need to help every person who asks for her assistance often leaves her exhausted. The Dandelion Knight continues onward despite this, ever trying to live up to the high expectations she’s set for herself. She defends Mondstadt with her sword and Anemo Vision, though not every task requires her firm hand.


Kaeya (4-star)

Jean’s right-hand man and Diluc’s adopted brother (though the two hardly get along these days), Kaeya is the Knights of Favonius’ best intel gatherer. His penchant for telling bald-faced lies has helped him deceive and trick many a criminal, though he isn’t adverse to using this talent as a way to fool his friends. His calm, laid-back demeanor is largely a façade, because when push comes to shove he’ll use his sword and Cryo Vision to defend Mondstadt from her foes.


Klee (5-star)

Klee may be a child, but her ability to cause immense destruction with her explosives is perhaps second to none (excluding her largely absent and likely insane mother, Alice). Klee is cheerful, and almost woefully too innocent of the carnage she causes, often finding herself placed in solitary confinement in the Knights of Favonius’ confinement room by an incredibly exasperated Jean. Klee wields her catalyst and Pyro Vision with good intention; that intention just so happens to blow up.


Lisa (4-star)

Lisa is the most talented mage to graduate from the Sumeru Academia in centuries, but she’d rather spend her time acting as the Knights of Favonius’ librarian. Lisa will just as likely flirt with you as she will scold you, and if you care for your life do not dare return her library books late or damaged. You’ll swiftly discover she’s more than willing to turn her catalyst and Electro Vision on you.


Mona (5-star)

Mona is a talented astrologist from a distant land who’s found herself marooned in Mondstadt due to her perpetual lack of funds. She refuses to trade her skills for coin, despite this stubborn pride leaving her hungry most nights. Mona may come off as egotistical, but it’s all an act hiding her true concerns and intentions. She uses her catalyst and Hydro Vision to divine the future and overcome the odds in combat.


Noelle (4-star)

Noelle is the Knights of Favonius’ loyal maid, and she longs to join their ranks one day. This dream is probably why she wears battle armor, despite being a maid. Don’t assume for one moment that she neglects her maidly duties: Noelle cooks, cleans, and performs all her tasks with the utmost care. When she is able to venture out into the field, Noelle uses her claymore and Geo Vision to defend her friends. Noelle’s character and build guide can be found here.


Razor (4-star)

Razor lives with a pack of wolves in Mondstadt’s Wolvendom region. He’s wary of strangers and will defend his pack from all outsiders. Despite being more civilized than you’d initial think, Razor prefers to live away from human civilization. He’s a ferocious fighter, and anyone or anything dumb enough to go after his pack will soon find themselves beneath his claymore’s blade, assuming Razor hasn’t used his Electro Vision to fry them first.


Sucrose (4-star)

Sucrose is a talented young alchemist from Mondstadt, driven by an almost insatiable curiosity for all things. She’s timid and shy, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her research with absolute zeal, even if it sometimes requires human contact. She work with Albedo and deeply respects him. When called to the field Sucrose defends herself with her catalyst and Anemo Vision. Sucrose’s character and build guide can be found here.


Venti (5-star)

“The Tone-Deaf Bard” as Paimon likes to call him, Venti is a carefree young man hiding a large heart. He may appear selfish and self-centered to some, but he’ll go well out of his way to ensure the people of Mondstadt remain free from tyranny. Venti is also quite the heavy drinker, able to put away more wine than most with nary an adverse affect. When called upon Venti uses his bow and Anemo Vision to protect the people and those he cares about.



Beidou (4-star)

Famed captain of the Crux, Beidou inspires fear, awe, and respect from the citizens of Liyue. It is often whispered among those that have sailed with her that Beidou can cleave any threat in two with her claymore, infused with power from her Electro Vision. While that claim may or may not be true, Beidou does in fact not fear the Tianguan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang (much to Ningguang’s annoyance). Beidou’s character and build guide can be found here


Chongyun (4-star)

Chongyun comes from family of exorcists, and he’s an adept exorcist himself. Part of this has to do with his excessive positive energy, which is so pure most spirits flee before he can see them. In fact, Chongyun has never seen a spirit, and his positive energy makes him susceptible to both extreme emotion and heat. When he needs to defend himself Chongyun uses a claymore in tandem with his Cryo Vision. Chongyun’s character and build guide can be found here


Tartaglia; AKA Childe (5-star)

Tartaglia is number 11 of the Fatui Harbingers, an elite group of agents from Snezhnaya. He has been dispatched to the nation of Liyue to act as a diplomat, though its clear he is hiding many secrets beneath his relaxed and friendly demeanor. Tartaglia is a talented combatant, often found wielding a bow alongside his Hydro Vision.


Ganyu (5-star)

Ganyu is the secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion for the Liyue Qixing, and she’s an absolute workaholic. Ganyu will complete any task given to her, even if it means she has to work an obnoxious amount of overtime to see the job done. Ganyu is half-Adeptus, which has led her to being more quiet and reserved than her compatriots. Ganyu uses a bow and her Cryo Vision to dominate the battlefield when called upon to do so. Ganyu’s character and build guide can be found here.


Keqing (5-star)

Keqing is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, meaning she runs the day to day operations while Rex Lapis is away. She doesn’t care much for gods, however, and would rather find solutions to the problems set before her and Liyue on her own accord. She is strong-willed and determined, and any fool that stands between her and the prosperity of Liyue will soon find themselves at the mercy of her sword and Electro Vision. Keqing’s character and build guide can be found here.


Ningguang (4-star)

The Tianguan of the Liyue Qixing – a sect of business owners that run Liyue – Ningguang is arguably the most powerful person in Liyue, and her wealth is unrivaled in all of Teyvat.  Her Jade Chamber is evidence of this, as it floats above Liyue allowing Ningguang to view the entire nation from her window. When push comes to shove, Ningguang can dominate the competition with her catalyst and Geo Vision. Ningguang’s character and build guide can be found here


Qiqi (5-star)

Qiqi is an apprentice at Liyue’s Bubu Pharmacy. She is also quite dead. Qiqi is a zombie, resurrected by Liyue’s adepti. She doesn’t speak much, nor display any complex emotions, but she loves coconut milk (which she often mistakenly calls Cocogoat milk, leading to much confusion). If attacked while gathering herbs for the pharmacy, Qiqi is able to defend herself with her sword and Cryo Vision.


Xiangling  (4-star)

Xiangling as a master chef, often found experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen at the Wanmin Resturant in Liyue. Those interested in trying her dishes best be warned: Xiangling’s signature dishes are hot and spicy, often too hot and spicy for most people. It’s probably fitting then that she was gifted with a Pyro Vision, though she’s just as adept at using a polearm as she is a wok. Xiangling’s character and build guide can be found here.


Xingqiu (4-star)

Xinqqiu is a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan’s arts, though this often leads to petty insults and jeers from outsiders. The second son to the Guild Manager of the prosperous Feiyun Commerce Guild can often be found with his nose buried in a book, but he’ll gladly take up his sword and use his Hydro Vision to defend the innocent against injustice. Xinqiu’s character and build guide can be found here.


Xinyan (4-star)

Rock-n-roll has arrived in Liyue, and no one else jams quite like Xinyan. Literally: Xinyan is Liyue’s only rock-n-roll musician, using her Pyro Vision to generate pyrotechnics during her stage performances. She rebels against prejudice with her music, using a modified lyre of her own creation. Xinyan may protest with the power of song, but she’s not afraid to beat a fool over the head with her claymore. Xinyan’s character and build guide can be found here.


Xiao (5-star)

Xiao is one of Liyue’s ancient Adepti protectors, though many refer to him as the “Conqueror of Demons.” He has also been Teyvat’s record holder for most consecutive Pogo Stick jumps for nearly centuries. He wields the power of Anemo and a polearm in battle, where he will don his Yaksha Mask to punish his foes, but at the expense of his health. Xiao’s character and build guide can be found here.


Zhongli (5-star)

Zhongli is a contractor who works with the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. Not much is known about Zhongli, but he appears to care greatly for the people of Liyue in his own subtle manner. He is also infamous for leaving his coin purse at home, rarely having Mora on-hand and leaving his friends stuck with the tab. He uses his polearm and Geo Vision to put down the enemies of Liyue.

Rumored and Unreleased Characters


Hu Tao (5-star)

Rumored for Version 1.3. Polearm and Pyro. Hu Tao’s character guide with current leaked information from the beta can be found here.


Rosaria (4-star)

Rumored; possibly end of Version 1.3 alongside Hu Tao, or Version 1.4. Rosaria’s character guide with current leaked information from the beta can be found here.

Ayaka (5-star)

Rumored; TBD. Sword and Cryo.

- This article was updated on:February 11th, 2021

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