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Genshin Impact Fischl Character and Build Guide

Her speech is hard to parse, but Fischl's high damage potential is easy to understand.

by Brandon Adams


The “Prinzessin der Verurteilung”, Fischl is one of the best support damage dealers in Genshin Impact, and easily one of the most desirable characters to pull for whenever she has a rate-up. Fischl can be turned into a devastating Physical damage machine gun, but it’s truly her raven Oz who steals the show. Fischl may be a little too deep into her roleplay, but her bow and Electro powers are no child’s game.

Genshin Impact Fischl Character and Build Breakdown

Below are listed Fischl’s full set of attacks and abilities, her passive talents, constellations, and finally all of her ascension and talent material requirements. Build recommendations, to include both suggested weapons and artifact sets, are in the center of this guide following Fischl’s constellations. If you’d like to see a full list of stats – such as damage numbers, percentages, etc. – check out Honey Hunter World, which was used as a source for this guide. You can find guides for other characters by following the link here to our complete Genshin Impact character list.

Fischl Attacks and Abilities

  • Ranged Attack: Bolts of Downfall
    • Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.
    • Charged Attack: Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased damage. While aiming, the dark lightning spirits of Immernachtreich shall heed the call of their Prinzessin and indwell the enchanted arrowhead. When fully indwelt, the Rachsuchtig Blitz shall deal immense Electro DMG.
    • Plunging Attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE damage upon impact.
  • Elemental Skill: Nightrider
    • Summons Oz, the night raven forged of darkness and lightning descends upon the land, dealing Electro damage in a small AoE.
      • For the ability’s duration, Oz will continuously attack nearby enemies with Freikugel.
      • Hold to adjust the location Oz will be summoned to.
      • Press again any time during the ability’s duration to once again summon him to Fischl’s side.
  • Elemental Burst: Midnight Phantasmagoria
    • Summons Oz to spread his twin swings of twilight and defend Fischl. Has the following properties during the ability’s duration:
      • Fischl takes on Oz’s form, greatly increasing her Movement Speed.
      • Strikes nearby enemies with lightning, dealing Electro damage to enemies she comes into contact with. Each enemy can only be struck once.
      • Once this ability’s effects end, Oz will remain on the battlefield and attack his Prinzessin’s foes. If Oz is already on the field, then this will reset the duration of his presence.

Fischl Passive Talents

  • Stellar Predator
    • When Fischl hits Oz with a fully-charged Aimed Shot, Oz brings down Thundering Retribution, dealing AoE Electro damage equal to 152.7% of the arrow’s damage.
  • Lightning Smite
    • If a character triggers an Electro-related Elemental Reaction when Oz is on the field, the enemy shall be stricken with Thundering Retribution, dealing Electro damage equal to 80% of Fischl’s Attack.
  • Mein Hausgarten
    • When dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, time consumed is reduced by 25%.

Fischl Constellations

  • Gaze of the Deep
    • Even when Oz is not present in combat, he can still watch over Fischl through his raven eyes. When Fischl attacks an enemy, Oz fires a joint attack, dealing 22% of Attack damage.
  • Devourer of All-Sins
    • When Nightrider is used, it deals an additional 200% Attack as damage, and its AoE is increased by 50%.
  • Wings of Nightmare
    • Increases the level of Nightrider by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Her Pilgrimage of Bleak
    • When Midnight Phatasmagoria is used, it deals 222% of Attack as Electro damage to surrounding enemies. When the skill duration ends, Fischl regenerates 20% of her HP.
  • Against the Fleeing Light
    • Increase the level of Midnight Phantasmagoria by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Evernight Raven
    • Increases the duration of Oz’s summoning by 2s. Additionally, Oz attacks with the current character when present, dealing 30% of Fischl’s Attack as Electro damage.

Fischl Build Suggestions in Genshin Impact

Fischl can act as a super-powered main DPS with her Physical damage build in Genshin Impact, but the build requires a few of her early constellations to be unlocked. Fischl’s secondary DPS Electro build, however, doesn’t require any of them to be viable (though the first constellation, Gaze of the Deep, is still a massive boon to Fischl’s damage). There’s a single 5-star weapon shared across both builds, though you’ll need a different collection of artifacts for each.

The Skyward Harp is the best bow available in Genshin Impact for Fischl. Its ability to trigger a small AoE in tandem with Oz’s attacks and AoEs creates a staggering amount of damage, but as a 5-star it’s more expensive and difficult to acquire. Rust is a suitable 4-star replacement for Physical Fischl builds, yet the craftable Compound Bow is an equally solid 4-star alternative. Electro Fischl builds will want the 4-star Stringless bow if they are unable to or would rather not pull for the Skyward Harp.

  • Skyward Harp: Increases Crit damage by 20% (up to 40%). Hits have a 60% (up to 100%) chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical attack damage. Can only occur once every 4s (down to 2s). Secondary: Crit Rate.
  • Rust: Increases Normal attack damage by 40% (up to 80%) but decreases Charged Attack damage by 10%. Secondary: Attack.
  • Compound Bow: Normal Attack and Charged Attack hits increase Attack by 4% and Normal Attack Speed by 1.2% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. Secondary: Physical Damage Bonus.
  • The Stringless: Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 24% (up to 48%). Secondary: Elemental Mastery.

Electro Fischl’s will only need to farm the Thundering Fury artifact set, since it boosts her Electro damage and all Electro-based elemental combos. Electro Fischl builds will want to aim for Energy Recharge first and foremost, followed by Electro damage and Attack percentage. Physical Fischl damage builds will fill a main DPS role, so they’ll need a combination of Gladiator’s Finale and Bloodstained Chivalry to maximize Fischl’s Physical damage output. This build requires Attack percentage as the main stat roll, followed by Physical damage and Crit Hit.

  • Thundering Fury (Midsummer Courtyard)
    • (2) Electro Damage Bonus +15%.
    • (4) Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill cooldown by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s.
  • Gladiator’s Finale (Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses at World Level 2+)
    • (2) Attack +18%.
  • Bloodstained Chivalry (Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern)
    • (2) Physical damage +25%

Fischl Character Ascension Materials

  • Level 20
    • 1x Vajrada Amethyst Sliver, 3x Small Lamp Grass, 3x Firm Arrowhead, 20000 Mora
  • Level 40
    • 3x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, 2x Lightning Prism, 10x Small Lamp Grass, 15x Firm Arrowhead, 40000 Mora
  • Level 50
    • 6x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, 4x Lightning Prism, 20x Small Lamp Grass, 12x Sharp Arrowhead, 60000 Mora
  • Level 60
    • 3x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, 8x Lightning Prism, 30x Small Lamp Grass, 18x Sharp Arrowhead, 80000 Mora
  • Level 70
    • 6x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk, 12x Lightning Prism, 45x Small Lamp Grass, 12x Weathered Arrowhead, 100000 Mora
  • Level 80
    • 6x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone, 20x Lightning Prism, 60x Small Lamp Grass, 24x Weathered Arrowhead, 120000 Mora

Fischl Talent Level-Up Materials

  • Level 2
    • 3x Teachings of Ballad, 6x Firm Arrowhead, 12500 Mora
  • Level 3
    • 2x Guide to Ballad, 3x Sharp Arrowhead, 17500 Mora
  • Level 4
    • 4x Guide to Ballad, 4x Sharp Arrowhead, 25000 Mora
  • Level 5
    • 6x Guide to Ballad, 6x Sharp Arrowhead, 30000 Mora
  • Level 6
    • 9x Guide to Ballad, 9x Sharp Arrowhead, 35000 Mora
  • Level 7
    • 4x Philosophies of Ballad, 4x Weathered Arrowhead, 1x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 120000 Mora
  • Level 8
    • 6x Philosophies of Ballad, 6x Weathered Arrowhead, 1x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 260000 Mora
  • Level 9
    • 12x Philosophies of Ballad, 9x Weathered Arrowhead, 2x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 450000 Mora
  • Level 10
    • 16x Philosophies of Ballad, 12x Weathered Arrowhead, 2x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 1x Crown of Insight, 700000 Mora

- This article was updated on:January 29th, 2021

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