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Genshin Impact Ningguang Character and Build Guide

Throw stones in Jade houses.

by Brandon Adams


Ningguang has it all – youth, beauty, and immense wealth – and she’s one of the best damage-dealers in Genshin Impact. Better yet, her status as a 4-star means she’s easier to grab than her 5-star companions, and Ningguang can sometimes be earned for free (you can net Ningguang from the Lantern Rite event in Version 1.3 for example). The Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing is a Geo and catalyst-wielding powerhouse that becomes an absolute monster as you unlock her constellations.

Genshin Impact Ningguang Character and Build Breakdown

Below are listed Ningguang’s full set of attacks and abilities, her passive talents, constellations, and finally all of her ascension and talent material requirements. Build recommendations, to include both suggested weapons and artifact sets, are in the center of this guide following Ningguang’s constellations. If you’d like to see a full list of stats – such as damage numbers, percentages, etc. – check out Honey Hunter World, which was used as a source for this guide. You can find guides for other characters by following the link here to our complete Genshin Impact character list.

Ningguang Attacks and Abilities

  • Casting Attack: Sparkling Scatter
    • Normal Attack: Shoots gems that deal Geo damage. Upon hit, this grants Ningguang 1 Star Jade.
    • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to fire off a giant gem that deals Geo damage. If Ningguang has any Star Jades, unleashing a Charged Attack will cause the Star Jades to be fired at the enemy as well, dealing additional DMG.
    • Plunging Attack: Gathering the might of Geo, Ningguang plunges toward the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Geo damage upon impact with the ground.
  • Elemental Skill: Jade Screen
    • Ningguang creates a Jade Screen out of gold, obsidian and her great opulence, dealing AoE Geo damage.
      • Blocks opponents’ projectiles.
      • Endurance scales based on Ningguang’s Max HP.
    • Jade Screen is considered a Geo Construct and can be used to block certain attacks, but cannot be climbed. Only one Jade Screen may exist at a time.
    • Generates 3 elemental particles when it hits at least 1 target.
  • Elemental Burst: Starshatter
    • Gathering a great number of gems, Ningguang scatters them all at once, sending homing projectiles at her opponents that deal massive Geo damage.
    • If Starshatter is cast when a Jade Screen is nearby, the Jade Screen will fire additional gem projectiles at the same time.

Ningguang Passive Talents

  • Backup Plan
    • When Ningguang is in possession of Star Jades, her Charged Attack does not consume Stamina.
  • Strategic Reserve
    • A character that passes through the Jade Screen will gain a 12% Geo damage bonus for 10s.
  • Trove of Marvelous Treasures
    • Displays the location of nearby ore veins (Iron Ore, White Iron Ore, Crystal Ore, Magical Crystal Ore, and Starsilver) on the mini-map.

Ningguang Constellations

  • Piercing Fragments
    • When a Normal Attack hits, it deals AoE damage.
  • Shock Effect
    • When Jade Screen is shattered, its cooldown will reset. Can occur once every 6s.
  • Majesty be the Array of Stars
    • Increases the level of Starshatter’s by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Exquisite be the Jade, Outshining All Beneath
    • Jade Screen increases nearby characters’ Elemental resistance by 10%.
  • Invincible be the Jade Screen
    • Increases the level of Jade Screen by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Grandeur be the Seven Stars
    • When Starshatter is used, Ningguang gains 7 Star Jades.

Build Suggestions in Genshin Impact

Ningguang’s damage is pure Geo, and unless you fill your team with other Geo characters (for some good ole’ fashioned Geo superiority), she doesn’t really fit a support role in Genshin Impact. Due to this you’ll want to build Ningguang as a single-target damage dealer, though her first constellation will grant her some solid AoE damage. You’ll want to focus on Attack percentage/Geo damage, then crit rate and crit hit. HP isn’t a bad fourth stat since Jade Wall scales off Ningguang’s health, but it shouldn’t be prioritized.

Weapons that work well with Ningguang are catalysts that boost her elemental burst or overall damage. If you prefer rolling for top-of-the-line 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact, the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a good pick-up, but you’ll want the Memory of Dust if you use her alongside any other Geo character that can generate shields (namely Zhongli). The 4-star Solar Pearl is a fantastic catalyst for Ningguang, but it’s currently only available via the Battle Pass (though it should end up in the Weapon Banner soon). The Prototype Amber is a serviceable 4-star catalyst that can be crafted by the blacksmith with a prototype catalyst reagent, and it will work until you can replace it with one of the previously mentioned weapons.

  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: Increases Movement speed by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8% Elemental damage bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat. Secondary: Crit Rate.
  • Memory of Dust: Increases Shield Strength by 20%. Scoring hits on opponents increases attack by 4% for 8s. Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. While protected by a shield, this attack increase effect is increased by 100%. Secondary: Attack.
  • Solar Pearl: Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 20% for 6s. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits increase Normal Attack damage by 20% for 6s. Secondary: Crit Rate.
  • Prototype Amber: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 4 Energy every 2s for 6s. All party members will regenerate 4% HP every 2s for this duration. Secondary: HP.

Artifacts for Ningguang are pretty straight-forward. Since her damage is predominately Geo the Archaic Petra set’s two-piece bonus is excellent when paired with either the Noblesse Oblige two-piece or the Gladiator’s Finale two-piece bonuses. You’ll want Noblesse Oblige over Gladiator’s Finale, since Ningguang’s Elemental Burst is a great way to rapidly burn down bosses, but the Gladiator’s Finale is far easier to obtain in Genshin Impact.

  • Archaic Petra (Domain of Guyun)
    • (2) Geo damage bonus +15%.
  • Noblesse Oblige (Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern)
    • (2) Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
  • Gladiator’s Finale (Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses at World Level 2+)
    • (2) Attack +18%.

Ningguang Character Ascension Materials

  • Level 20
    • 1x Prithiva Topaz Sliver, 3x Glaze Lily, 3x Recruit’s Insignia, 20000 Mora
  • Level 40
    • 3x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, 2x Basalt Pillar, 10x Glaze Lily, 15x Recruit’s Insignia, 40000 Mora
  • Level 50
    • 6x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, 4x Basalt Pillar, 20x Glaze Lily, 12x Sergeant’s Insignia, 60000 Mora
  • Level 60
    • 3x Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 8x Basalt Pillar, 30x Glaze Lily, 18x Sergeant’s Insignia, 80000 Mora
  • Level 70
    • 6x Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 12x Basalt Pillar, 45x Glaze Lily, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 100000 Mora
  • Level 80
    • 6x Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, 20x Basalt Pillar, 60x Glaze Lily, 24x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 120000 Mora

Ningguang Talent Level-Up Materials

  • Level 2
    • 3x Teachings of Prosperity, 6x Recruit’s Insignia, 12500 Mora
  • Level 3
    • 2x Guide to Prosperity, 3x Sergeant’s Insignia, 17500 Mora
  • Level 4
    • 4x Guide to Prosperity, 4x Sergeant’s Insignia, 25000 Mora
  • Level 5
    • 6x Guide to Prosperity, 6x Sergeant’s Insignia, 30000 Mora
  • Level 6
    • 9x Guide to Prosperity, 9x Sergeant’s Insignia, 35000 Mora
  • Level 7
    • 4x Philosophies of Prosperity, 4x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 1x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 120000 Mora
  • Level 8
    • 6x Philosophies of Prosperity, 6x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 1x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 260000 Mora
  • Level 9
    • 12x Philosophies of Prosperity, 9x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 2x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 450000 Mora
  • Level 10
    • 16x Philosophies of Prosperity, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 2x Spirit Locket of Boreas, 1x Crown of Insight, 700000 Mora

- This article was updated on:January 27th, 2021

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