Genshin Impact Extreme Beetle Brawl Event Guide: How to Defeat All Opponents 

Check out how to defeat all opponents in all available difficulty levels.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The new Genshin Impact Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl event is here, allowing players to take part in a wide array of Beetle battles in order to get both prestige and a great amount of Primogems. Here’s how to defeat all opponents in Genshin Impact’s Extreme Beetle Brawl Event.

Genshin Impact Extreme Beetle Brawl Event Guide: How to Defeat All Opponents 

The Basics of Beetle Brawl in Genshin Impact

Before challenging the Generals, especially on the Fanatic Passion Difficulty, it is vital that you master the basics of Beetle Fighting. Basically, while in battle, you will be able to command your beetle to step forward, step back, and perform a charged attack, the latter of which can cover from one to four spaces depending on how much you charge and your overall stamina.

You will also be able to cancel your charge by pressing the designed key, which will allow you to abandon the attack and then move freely.

 Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When charging your attack, each quarter of the icon will represent a space you will be able to advance. If the distance you will cover with your attack is equal to the number of spaces between you and your opponent, your changed attack will then become a Piercing Strike able to deal way more damage as well as instantly break shields.

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How to Defeat Mallet the Smasher 

 Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Mallet the Smasher is a beetle that thrives in close combat situations, so you can easily defeat them by first of all creating a great distance between you two (at least two spaces from the get-go). Once you do that, just focus on charging your advance and then on performing the move once the beetle enters your range. After the first hit, repeat the process in order to win.

Mallet the Smasher will also make use of an Electro attack capable of striking you even while out of the beetle’s reach, so stay put and ready to avoid it at all times.

How to Defeat Triple-Strike Gunblade Mage

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Differently from Mallet, Triple-Strike Gunblade Mage will make use of mostly high-range electro attacks, which means that they will be open to damage way more often. With that said, given the fact that they will also occasionally make use of charged attacks, we recommend you stay on either far or at mid-range and make use of well-timed attacks to deplete their health.

To make sure all of your attacks hit no matter our difficulty of choice, we recommend that you adopt a reactive and sure-to-win playstyle by, from the moment they begin to charge, stepping back a few spaces, charging, and then attacking once they fail to reach you.

How to Defeat Super Heavy Defensive Formation 

Image: Attack of the Fanboy.

A walking tank, Super Heavy Defensive Formation is capable of performing a truly devastating AoE attack, while also boasting an impressive damage output and an extended range. The beetle is also able to make use of the Electro attack used by both Mallet the Smasher and Triple-Strike Gunblade Mage. as well as that of a coat capable of negating most of your attacks.

With that said, you can defeat the beetle in Honed Will difficulty by going for the offensive and staying at mid-range during most of the fight while performing quickly and pointing advances. When the opponent coasts itself to block damage, you will be able to break the shield by performing two normals or one piercing strike.

When facing the beetle on Fanatic Passion, the opponent will also make constant use of their changed attack, with can in turn allow them to easily lock you in the corner. To avoid that, focus on performing well-timed and relentless Piercing Strikes from medium and close range (1 to 2 spaces) for maximum damage. In the Fanatic Passion difficulty, only a Piercing Strike will be able to break their shield.

How to Defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel

Image: Attack of the Fanboy.

Differently from the first three opponents part of the event, apart from the standard rush, Whirling Wrecker-Wheel will make use of mainly Electro attacks, capable of hitting up to three spaces at once. The beetle will also be able to make use of a unique Electro projectile, which will be able to, upon being hit by either beetle, travel forward once cast.

It’s important to point out that you will only be able to send the projectile back to its caster by performing a Piercing Strike.

With that said, in order to defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel on all difficulties, we recommend that you stay at close range and make use of a series of relentless Piecing Strikes in order to quickly deplete their health, take full advantage of their many openings, and avoid their Electro attacks.

How to Defeat Ironclad Beetle King

Image: Attack of the Fanboy.

Ironclad Beetle King’s moveset is composed of all of the biggest strengths of the already defeated opponents, as they can make constant use of Electro projectiles and coat themselves from damage, all while also making constant use of the lightning bolt Electro attack and the AoE earthquake attack.

With that said, in order to defeat the beetle in all available difficulties, we recommend that you stay at mid to long-range in order to avoid their enhanced charged attacks while making use of well-timed Piercing Strikes in order to break through their coating, send their projectiles back, avoid the lightning bolts, and deal massive damage.

This article will be updated as new battles become available as part of the event but in the meantime, don’t forget to check out how to easily win every duel part of the game’s currently available Warrior’s Spirit event.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023