Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit Guide: How to Easily Win Every Duel

Check out how to win all duels and get all of the rewards available as part of the event

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Genshin Impact‘s Warrior’s Spirit Event is here, allowing players to once again take part in a wide array of duels where the only thing that matters is timing and technique. But how can you win all of them? Now, in order to help you get all of the rewards available as part of the event, as well as showcase all of your Dull Blade skills, here’s how to win all duels part of the Warrior’s Spirit event in Genshin Impact’s version 3.4.

Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit Event: How to Easily Win Every Duel

How to Perfect Parry During Genshin Impact’s Warrior’s Spirit Event

Before we start, it’s important to master the basics of the event. With that said, you can perform a perfect parry by pressing the parry key at the exact moment your opponent’s attack is about to hit you.

Although you will be able to completely negate the damage of normal attacks by perfect parrying them, pressing the parry key once a blue indicator appears over your enemy will allow you to perform a perfect parry that will both negate the attack and deal massive amounts of damage to your opponent.

How to Defeat Ibuki


After completing the introductory quest for the event, which will task you with waiting two in-game days, the first duel will be against the spear-wielder Ibuki. Overall, he won’t pose a challenge, given his slow moveset, so just focus on perfectly parrying his attacks at the right time in order to deal high amounts of damage fast. After about 3-5 perfect parries the battle will be over.

How to Defeat Hirotatsu


Different from Ibuki, the ”Not the Sharpest Samurai” will wield a Katana and make use of four different attack patterns. With that said, to counter that, focus on parrying his vertical slashes and avoiding his other normals, since a miss will cause you to take two ounces of damage. In order to quickly defeat the opponent, make sure to parry his Ultimate attack, where he will put his sword back on his sheath before dealing a series of slashes.

It’s important to point out that, during the duel, parrying the first slash of his Special attack will allow you to parry all subsequent ones. The same, however, cannot be said about his other moves.

How to Defeat Younan


Given the slow buildup and the uneven timing of his attacks, it may be hard to perfect parry Younan’s normal moveset. But don’t worry, since differently from both Hirotatsu and Ibuki, he will only use his special move once the gauge by the right of his health is fully charged. With that said, in order to quickly defeat him, just focus on filing his gauge with your attacks and dodging his normal attacks.

Once the gauge is full, get close to him and then perfectly parry his special move for massive damage before making use of the duel’s new Honed Technique to deal 80,000+ extra damage.

How to Defeat Taroumaru


In the fourth round of the tournament, you will be tasked with facing Taroumaru. With that said, compared to Younan, he will make use of a way simpler moveset and have his series of plunging attacks as his biggest strength.

To easily defeat him, focus on dodging his normal attacks and on parrying both his special and his plunge attacks, the latter of which can be done by pressing the parry key at the moment the light hits the blade of his katana. Overall, your biggest source of damage against Taroumaru will come from your Honed Technique, which can be easily charged thanks to his aggressive style.

How to Defeat Akatsuki Saemon Juuzou


Overall, Akatsuki Saemon Juuzou has the most robust moveset among all currently available opponents, being able to make use of vertical and horizontal slashes, jumping attacks, and stabs, all imbued with Pyro.

With that said, in order to quickly defeat him, we recommend that you avoid attacking him and instead focus solely on perfectly parrying his attacks to charge your Honed Technique. Once the ability is charged, activate it immediately and then go for the offensive, as performing it will imbue your normal and charged attacks with damaging waves capable of dealing around 10.000+ extra damage per hit for a set time. You will be able to use your Honed Technique after around 5 successful perfect parries.

Overall, you will be able to defeat him on normal after performing one damaging parry and two Honed Techniques. For those currently facing him on Pro, it will take a few more uses depending on the number of hits you manage to score while enhanced.

It’s important to point out that Juuzou will be the last opponent you will need to face before unlocking the last part of the event’s questline, which will put you and Ayaka against Maguu Kengou as a trial stage for her new outfit.

How to Defeat Maguu Kengou


In the final duel of the event, you will be tasked with once again defeating Maguu Kengou, but this time alone and without your elemental powers. With that said, differently than all previous opponents, the Maguu Kengou will be able to perform a series of fast attacks through his specter, as well as perform ranged slashes.

In order to counter that and thus defeat him quickly, we advise you to apply the same technique used in the Akatsuki Saemon Juuzou duel and focus solely on parrying his attacks until your Honed Technique is charged.

The reason for that lies in the fact that parrying his series of slashes and Special will allow you to also deal massive damage, while your Honed Technique will be your main source of damage. Just don’t despair if you miss the timing of a block, as it will most likely take a few tries for you to adjust to his speed.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. 

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023