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Genshin Impact – How to Earn Peace Talismans

If you want to grab a free character and every item in the event shop you will need these little tokens.

by Brandon Adams


Peace Talismans are the special currency for the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact, and there’s only one way to acquire these jade tokens. There’s a bit of foreplay required to unlock their source, but once you’ve done the necessary song and dance you’ll find Peace Talismans aren’t too terrible to farm (assuming you don’t suck at tower-defense).

Peace Talismans in Genshin Impact are earned from completing Theater Mechanicus challenges.

The Theater Mechanicus is the new activity attached to the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact, and you unlock it once you’ve completed the first Lantern Rite story quest, followed by the Theater Mechanicus introductory quest. This activity costs zero Resin, instead utilizing Xiao Lanterns to participate (you can read how to craft these in our guide here). Once you have some Xiao Lanterns in hand you can take on the various stages and challenges within the Theater Mechanicus. Keep in mind these Xiao Tokens are spent whether you succeed or fail within the Theater Mechanicus, so be sure to stockpile a few beforehand.

Theater Mechanicus is tower-defense minigame where your attacks deal zero damage and your Elemental Burst cannot be used. You can use your EleFmental Skills, however, to set up powerful elemental combos with the towers, or to simply push enemies around. There are multiple stages and difficulties to Theater Mechanicus, each unlocked by raising your Lantern Rite Festive Fever reputation through completing the Lantern Rite Tales side quests.


There are three different pages of challenges for the Theater Mechanicus activity in Genshin Impact – each tied to one of the three Lantern Rite Festive Fever reputations – and completing these challenges will award you Peace Talismans. Some are as simple as clearing any single stage on difficulty 1, while others may task you with defeating all the monsters in a stage on more challenging difficulties. Since character levels and gear don’t matter much at all in Theater Mechanicus, these challenges can be overcome by anyone willing to master Theater Mechanicus’s, well, mechanics.

If you want to grab every single item on offer in the Lantern Rite event shop and a free “Stand By Me” character you’ll want to clear as many of these Theater Mechanicus challenges as possible, if not all of them. You’ll need at least 1000 Peace Talismans to grab a free character, which is something everyone playing Genshin Impact should take advantage of. Be sure to keep up with all of the Lantern Rite event activities though; if you find the whole event confusing then be sure to check out our Lantern Rite event guide here.

- This article was updated on:February 10th, 2021

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