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Genshin Impact Peculiar Wonderland: How to Unlock and Play the New Activity

Brave this new domain for some sweet new rewards.

by Brandon Adams


The Peculiar Wonderland is a new activity added for the “Invitation of Windblume” festival in Genshin Impact Version 1.4. It’s a collection of rapid challenges capstoned by a boss battle, and it’s how you earn the Peculiar Collab Coupons for the event shop. It doesn’t take long to unlock the Peculiar Wonderland, or to understand how it work.

How to Unlock the Peculiar Wonderland activity in Genshin Impact

The Peculiar Wonderland activity in Genshin Impact is a part of the “Invitation of Windblume” festival, so before you can enter this new domain you’ll have to gain access to the event itself. You’ll first need to reach Adventure Rank 20 and clear the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom” to partake in the Windblume Festival. Once you’ve cleared those hurdles head to the city of Mondstadt to automatically grab the event quest “Ode to Flower and Cloud.”

After you’ve completed that story quest you can visit Plauen outside Mondstadt, near the Whispering Woods, to access the Peculiar Wonderland. He’s just across the lack from the bridge that leads into town, next to the glowing blue door on the cliff’s edge. Speak with him, then interact with the door to enter the Peculiar Wonderland. Do note you will have to interact with this door whenever you wish to enter the activity.


Peculiar Wonderland: How to play the new activity.

The Peculiar Wonderland can best be described as a Fall Guys influenced mini-game gauntlet set within a Genshin Impact domain. You will need to clear three different challenges before taking on a boss at the end. Successfully completing mini-games and grabbing flowers will net you Facundity, which unlocks up to three Blessings that will provide various buffs during the final battle.

There are currently five mini-games available, with three more unlocking during the event. These activities are:

  • Stepping Stone Antics
    • Stand on the stones that are not rumbling, and try to avoid falling until the timer runs out. Event ends either when the timer clears, or when everyone falls.
  • Windblume Blessing
    • Flowers will fall from the sky, and you need to collect a set amount before time runs out. Beware the exploding shapeshifting flowers, which turn red a foot above your head.
  • Barrage Minuet
    • Sprint and dash to avoid the waves of attacks from the pillar in the center. Red waves can only be dodged from the sides or lept over, but purple waves will have openings that widen as they fan out.
  • The Great Bubble Crash
    • Run up the ramp while avoiding the fast moving bubbles barreling down. Use your sprint and dash to weave between waves, and take care to not get hit at the end. Reach the end before the timer runs out to succeed.
  • One-Way Traffic
    • Memorize the path highlighted along the ground at the start, then follow it to the end to win. Stepping on a wrong tile will trap and drop you, sending you back to the start.
  • Bubble Speedster
    • Coming March 22nd
  • Shimmering path
    • Coming March 28th
  • No Landing!
    • Coming March 28th


Interact with the door to either enter the Peculiar Wonderland solo, or to matchmake with three other players in Genshin Impact. The activity is arguably more enjoyable with others, so I recommend joining a party. To earn the Peculiar Collab Coupons you simply need to finish the Peculiar Wonderland: you’ll earn 200 after each run, up to 1200 per stage. There are challenges for Primogems and such, but they are not required to earn all the rewards in the “Invitation of Windblume” event shop.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Mobile.

- This article was updated on:March 20th, 2021

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