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Genshin Impact – What is Alchemy, How Does Alchemy Work

Who said Ascension had to be a grind?

by Brandon Adams


Alchemy is a valuable trade in Genshin Impact, and with it you’ll seldom be short on the weapon and character Ascension materials you need. It doesn’t take long to unlock, and is available in the main hub of Mondstadt. Just push the story up to that point and you’ll be able to craft everything you need in short order.

Alchemy is unlocked shortly after arriving in Mondstadt in Genshin Impact.

Alchemy in Genshin Impact is a simple trade, but an important one. Once you arrive in the city of Mondstadt head straight up the stairs until you see a vendor, Timaeus, on the right near the fountain. Interact with the pedestal in front of him to enter the Alchemy menu. Here you can combine ingredients and items to craft a few things.

The simplest items you can create with alchemy in Genshin Impact are essential oils. Unlike the crap sold by MLMs, these are actually worth a damn. They’ll boost either your attack or resistance to a particular element, and can come in handy when facing a tough opponent or boss. The second type of item you can craft is related to weapon and character Ascension. With alchemy you can combine three of an Ascension material to create a high tier version of that item, allowing you to make use of any surplus you may have from previous tiers. This will save you a healthy amount of time farming for what you need.

Granted, it won’t circumvent farming entirely, and there are a bunch of different Ascension items, but if you have a specific weapon or character in mind alchemy will allow you to focus your efforts when RNG is feeling a touch more capricious than desired. Be sure to stockpile those Ascension items, and you’ll have little issue grabbing the tier you need thanks to alchemy in Genshin Impact.

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