Ghost of Tsushima – How to Claim DLC Items and Bonuses

How do you get your digital deluxe horse and other items?

by Diego Perez
Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition, Special Edition, and Collector’s Edition of Ghost of Tsushima come with several DLC items, including a horse and other bonuses. The bonus DLC items vary depending on the version of Ghost of Tsushima you purchase, but each of them includes digital items that you can use right from the beginning of the game. They won’t be available right from the get-go, but you will get access to them when the main story kicks off. This is how to redeem and access Ghost of Tsushima DLC items.

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How to Get Deluxe Edition DLC in Ghost of Tsushima

To get access to your DLC items, make sure to redeem your code in the PlayStation Store if you purchased a physical special edition of the game. If you opted for the Digital Deluxe Edition, then make sure you install the DLC content alongside the game. Once everything is installed, start playing Ghost of Tsushima. If you have the Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition, you can find your brown horse at the stables when you normally choose a horse. The rest of your items won’t be accessible until reaching Act I, which happens a little under one hour into the campaign. The introductory prologue serves as a tutorial, but once you reach the open world and are left to your own devices, you should be able to find your things in your inventory.

The Hero of Tsushima items will be available in the gear menu. You can also find the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor there as well. As for your Technique Point, you can spend that to unlock a new skill to give you a small headstart on your journey. You will acquire more fairly quickly, but getting to have one ability right off the bat is a nice bonus.

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