Gotham Knights: All Batarang Locations in Lower Gotham

Time to get collecting the Batarangs!

by Gordon Bicker


Gotham Knights has a host of collectibles for you to uncover throughout the sprawling open world that it offers. One of these is the Batarangs which you’ll no doubt be searching for in style after working out how to glide in the experience. The collectible tallies are split into different areas of the map and Lower Gothan has twelve Batarangs to collect. This article will take you through all of the Lower Gotham Batarang locations for Gotham Knights. There is no particular order that you have to collect these. It should also be noted that the Batarangs can be picked up simply by walking/moving into them.

Batarang #1 — Near Ocran Chemicals Under the Bridge


This specific Batarang can be found underneath the very southeast bridge of the map. It will be located within a blue shipping container but you’ll have to climb up on top of them and enter it from the backside. It will be laid neatly on a table for you to acquire. Some other notable points about the container are that it seems to be in use by someone with living equipment present throughout.

Batarang #2 — Near Ocran Chemicals On the Pier


The next Batarang can be located by going to the pier to the northwest of the other location you were just at. There are pulley systems with long beams connected at the top and you’ll want to grapple up to the far one to grab the Batarang on top of it. Beautiful views of the Gotham river will await you on top of there too.

Batarang #3 — At the Top of S.T.A.R. Labs


All you have to do to get this Batarang is visit the S.T.A.R. Labs building. Climb your way to the top by grappling up the side of the building and when you are at the very top you’ll notice one of the beams shines more than others. This is because there is a Batarang on it. Grapple across and move to the Batarang to grab it.

Batarang #4 — Gargoyle at the Cobblepot Steel Building


This Batarang can be found by once again grappling up a building. There is one named the Cobblepot Steel Building and at the top, there are some gargoyles. One of these will have the Batarang laid nicely on it awaiting you to grab it.

Batarang #5 — Processing Plant Tower Next to Lyntown Avenue


About three-quarters of the way up the processing plant tower, there will be a platform for you to walk on. This has a Batarang inside for you which can be acquired quite easily. Since it is just a few buildings over from the Cobblepot Steel area, you can glide down to the platform from there.

Batarang #6 — Roof of the Trainyard Building at Madison Street


It’s time to take a waltz down to Madison Street for this Batarang. There is a nearby Trainyard roof on which a Batarang can be found. To get it, climb up the side of the wall where the Batarang has been thrown into it. This will let you pick up the Batarang and add it to your collection.

Batarang #7 — STAGG Sign Near Manchester Street


When you are at Manchester Street, you will notice a large building overlooking the area below. On the other side of the block, there is Harrow Road. When you look up into the sky you’ll notice a sign saying ‘STAGG’. Grapple up the building to on top of this sign and the Batarang will be at the edge of the sign.

Batarang #8 — Water Tower Near McCrea Street


To get this Batarang, make your way to McCrea Street and there will be a water tower visible from the ground. Grapple up and you’ll notice a large shining light where the Batarang is located. Grapple to the side of the water tower and move along the ledge to get the Batarang.

Batarang #9 — Underneath the Bridge at Saint Avenue


When on Saint Avenue there is a building with a sign that showcases ‘Big Belly’, on this building there is a chimney at the top. Simply go behind the chimney and you’ll observe the Batarang to be picked up by yourself.

Batarang #10 — Second Highest Tower at WayneTech Building


Grappling up the WayneTech building you will be able to grab this Batarang that is on one of the roofs of the ‘towers’ of the skyscraper. It will be on the north-facing side of the building.

Batarang #11 — Roof of a House Near Harbor Drive


The Batarang will be found laying on a sheet of corrugated metal on the roof. It is also close to the ‘Washer Dryer’ building of the area and quite close to one of the piers. There is a lit alleyway next to the building.

Batarang #12 — Furtherest Crane on the Docks


This Batarang can be found on the crane which is the closest to the water on the far side of the docks. It will be found near the top of the crane on one of the side platforms.

That is all of the Batarangs in Lower Gotham and whether you are honoring Batman’s legacy after finding out how he died in Gotham Knights or simply just wanting to gather all of the collectibles — now is a great time to do so.

Gotham Knights is available right now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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