Gotham Knights: Where Are the Bugs Located in Iceberg Lounge?

Break these or else the Penguin is a dead man.

by Elliott Gatica


A Batman-related game wouldn’t truly be one in the flesh if it didn’t have its fair share of puzzles and cases to solve. Some will be a lot tougher than others, given that you really have to pay attention to the smallest details that can give away an entire case. Once you get far enough into Gotham Knights where you’re seemingly in cahoots with The Penguin at Iceberg Lounge, you’ll have to find where the bugs are located. Here’s how to do this.

Where Are the Bugs Located in Iceberg Lounge?

At this point in Case 02: The Rabbit Hole, you’re visiting Oswald Cobblepot for the second time. Weirdly enough, you have successfully beat up his entire security personnel, once again getting into his office.


While he wasn’t too fond of you making your way in the first time, he’s a lot more complacent and willing to help you out on your second visit. However, he pulls you up close to tell you that they (The Court of Owls) are listening to you. This is because they have him on hot water. His office is bugged with listening devices.

As opposed to being set in a detective sequence to figure out the pieces of a crime like in Langstrom’s case, you get to move around. You have to use your AR device to scan the room. You’ll get more of an insight into the many decorations and memorabilia in Penguin’s room, but you have to find these small microphones planted in the office.


They are quite tricky to spot, but these are the locations for each one.

  • The first one is planted on the lamp on Cobblepot’s desk.
  • The second one is on the statue bust of the Penguin himself. It’s in front of the table with the pistols.
  • The third one is behind Penguin. It’s on the counter with a laptop, an empty vase, and a potted plant. The listening device is right in front of the plant.

Once you spot all three listening devices, make sure to interact with them. Your character will pick them up and break them, making them effectively useless for the court to possibly hear what the Penguin will tell you. This will prompt the next events to happen.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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